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Thread: I need feedback on the free design on my site?

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    Default I need feedback on the free design on my site?

    I have been creating websites around my niche. I have uploaded this new free theme. What do you think of it? Thanks everyone!

    Here it is ---> Motor Club of America <---

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    Well, on the homepage it's a little hard to see the letters. If you add a glow or a blur on the background image you'll be able to see it better. Also, if the top menu weren't so tall and maybe the font size on the menu would be nice. The size it is when you scroll down is perfect but it looks a little odd due to the small font size. Also, don't use images as a button. It looks weird. Just make a CSS button and it'll look good

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    Thank you for the insight, I will continue to improve on my "motor club of america" website, thanks.


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