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Thread: What is the social media network that works the best for you?

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    For me, Facebook is the best one BUT I tell my clients that they need to determine who their target markets are first, then figure out which social media site(s) is going to work for them. We don't need to be actively using all social media sites because if you are focusing on selling yourself, then you need to spend time doing that and working all social media sites can become overwhelming.

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    I have a b2c business. The best what works for my business out of all social media platforms is Facebook and Instagram. Facebook works because the biggest amount of our target audience are using this social network. Instagram works because we have products to show, but if you are in service business, it's gonna be too complicated to create interesting visual content.
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    I agree with the aforementioned answers. Google + and Facebook are two of the best social media networks for businesses. Twitter, not so much.
    You might want to try LinkedIn as well. It takes a lot of time but I'm gaining a lot of clicks from there. Try LinkedIn Groups.
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    Instead of saying what social platform I like the best for social marketing, I thought I'd provide a little data into what channels social marketers in general love.

    First off: 44% of local businesses said they depend on social media to generate brand awareness, and 41% depend on it to drive revenue. So obviously, they're wanting the best channels to use for this.

    86% of social marketers regularly use Facebook ads.
    There are about 50 million small business pages on Facebook.
    55% of marketers say Facebook is their most important platform
    Over 95% of marketers say that Facebook offers the best ROI of any platform

    93% of organizations say that Twitter is one of the platforms they most majorly used for marketing
    47% of marketers use Twitter as their most favoured channel for customer engagement
    18% of social marketers regularly use Twitter ads
    63.5% of marketers voted Twitter as one of the best platforms for ROI

    Marketers that flesh out their Products and Services page have 2x as many company followers
    91% of marketers say that LinkedIn is one of the platforms most majorly used for marketing in their organization
    40% of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn is the most important platform for them
    LinkedIn is the most favored channel for customer engagement for 64% of marketers
    94% of B2Bs use LinkedIn for content marketing

    87% of the top 100 brands have a Google+ account, and 50% of them actively post every month
    Brand adoption on Google+ has grown 10% in the last year
    49% of digital marketers use Google+

    94% of the top 100 companies have an Instagram account, and 86% of them actively post each month
    24% of influencers voted Instagram as the best social platform for influencer marketing
    34% of US marketers plan to spend advertising dollars on Instagram for the first time in late 2016, and 16% already use it and plan to increase their spend

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    Facebook and Twitter are a must for me. Other platforms need to be adjusted to your customers and the service you offer. It is pointless to have an account on every social media platform, because depending on your needs they will work completely different. Know your customer and goals you want to achieve first, and then choose the platform that will help you achieve the target and reach the client the most effectively.

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    I like Facebook and Twitter. They tend to be the most useful.....Google+ is great for content also.

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    Hello Guys.

    I just wanted to make my first entry in this forum a particularly helpful one.

    I used to Manage Social Media for a very long time, and while every business is inherently different in nature, location and target market there are some best practices. I speak out of experience as I have personally helped set up over one thousand social media pages in my past career. Disclaimer: No one in the industry will be so honest and tell you this!

    Most Social Media agencies and marketing agency will either:
    - Try and sell you in what they are "good" at or;
    - Do whatever you say so you're happy.

    In reality neither of these approaches will work. The reason is simple, what they may be good at might or what you want might not be what your business needs.

    Every business with limited, bad, udnerperforming or no Social Media presence should start with Facebook.

    Facebook is the #1 platform for social marketing with 1.8 billion users who spend on average 3 hours a day on it. In our beta we want a very controlled experience focused on one platform to deliver the best results. 90% of consumers and businesses use Social Media to connect with brands they want to associate with. Trust and attention are today's currencies and Facebook is where both are gained. Facebook is the best starting point for any business and other platforms are an added bonus.

    There is a specific way to go about it too, meaning the process take s a little time. Please don't buy into people selling you instant results, because if you want real results it does take some time. I have grown Facebook pages well into the 6 digits with minimal expenses in the past, it took me a while, but once they got there they were Making me a lot of money with limited effort.

    I hope his will help someone!

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    I don't find Instagram or Google+ particularly great. I feel like they are a waste of time. Facebook has been quite solid over the years, and LinkedIn too of course (can it be called a social media network?). But the winner has to go to Twitter. There are just so many active members and it's so quick to respond to customers and the community at large. If you take a look at this guide, there is some nice info regarding which social media networks are most useful. This quote from the guide really opened my eyes, even though I've been using Twitter for a while: "there are some 680 million Twitter users. Of these, approximately 305 million are active users."

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    Facebook and Instagram are by far my best

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    Depending on the business of course and who their ideal consumer is... my clients have the best results with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I would say the one with the most room to grow is Instagram. Facebook is actively investing a lot of money into new functionality. It is the fastest growing and has the most engagement.


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