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Thread: Need marketing ideas, opening a cell phone store

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    Hello everyone,
    I am opening my first stand alone cricket wireless store in a new market. Cricket usually targeted lower income demographic but now I am going into a 100 AVg household income area.
    Cricket was bought by ATT now they are going after everybody, specially Verizon, sprint and t mobile.
    It is about 95% white. Alot of them work for the government.
    Doing a little research, I found out those customers most likely to ask "WHy Should I choose you?"
    It would be much easier if I had legal right to just say we use ATT network but we can not have that on any of my marketing material.

    I am planning on going to local events and sponsorship with my tent and letting people know about our product. Also maybe bring food for everyone.
    Thinking about direct mailing but not sure if it will be worth it. Or maybe door hanger but could not find anyone locally who can do it. I am located in Crofton MD, if anyone knows a company around there.
    Will also do Social media but ATT got a lot of restriction. They want Cricket to be really fancy and professional. SO what ever I want to do, no shortcut. They even came out with their own color like cricket green, cricket white. lol
    I will also wrap my car and have it on the parking lot. Since I am right front of the highway with 5 lanes going each way. SO Alot of traffic goes front of my store. I will also try to have some feather flag and banners, maybe a dancing air man but not sure yet. County have a lot of restriction.
    Any ad I make, it will need to be approved by them.

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    soumikcha , you keep starting the same thread over and over again that is a repeat of your original "marketing help" thread.
    I've already combined 2 of them. No reason to keep starting new threads with the same question. You're getting answers on your original here:

    Closing thread
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