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    I've been going crazy trying to find a company for my bags.... At first I wanted to go with a white plastic bag (die cut) and have my logo on it but my logo is like 8 colors!! I need 3 sizes, basically small around 9x12, med around 12x15 and large about 20x20. So then I considered making a secondary logo just for bags and have light blue bags with red print but the companies that print red on blue bags are limited. It also looks really expensive to do any of these options. I looked at Uline, papermart as well as a handful of other websites that print on bags. Anyone use a company that they are happy with as far as quality & price for similar type design?

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    I don't have a company to recommend, but I wanted to reply to keep your thread active.

    All those colors will always lead to more expensive printing. It might ultimately cost less to have a designer rework the logo. I don't mean you have to have an entirely new logo, but maybe someone could help reduce the number of colors, at least for printing. If you want to attach your logo or let us know where we can see it online, we might be able to offer some suggestions for what you can do.

    More colors will always cost more to print. I don't know that you'll find something less expensive as long as you're using as many as you are.
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    Try Yes, they sell more than just pens and their second tab is "Bags." So, check 'em out.

    Never used them for bags, but their pens are great! haha
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