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Thread: Marketing Concierge Service - Let me know what do you think about this idea

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    Lightbulb Marketing Concierge Service - Let me know what do you think about this idea

    Hi There,

    I'd like you to ask you what you think about my newest business idea: Local Marketing Concierge

    Why I started this project:

    1) I've been an enterpreneur and also a marketer for some time now. My main business is SEO/PPC/WEB marketing agency (located in Englad & Poland) - during the years of work I discovered that most of other enterpreneurs that I meet everyday really don't know how to find a logo, business card, start a webpage or create fanpage with really low cost. I also know what works best for my customers - so we can always advice in what channel invest the most.

    2) I treat this website as side project that will allow me to reach more customers. I figured that creating a free service (up to 0.5 hour of chat) to answer some questions (which can save a lot of time!) will be a good way of helping enterpreneurs and possibly finding customers for my new business.

    The enterpreneurs don't know:
    - that it takes even few hours to create a company website
    - where to look for logo inspirations
    - where to find awesome business cards templates
    - where to find a freelancer that can fix a website for them
    - how to buy really good power point presentation
    - who should they talk to if they would like to start
    - how to create a simple marketing strategy
    - how to measure different marketing channels (internet, leaflets, ads etc.)
    - how to start fan page (!)
    - how to get quality traffic to their websites
    - how to check the agencies that they work with if they're doing good job
    - what are the market prices of creating: website, business card, logo, banners, fanpage graphics etc.

    And many more...

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    Hi there - I think it could have some legs but I'll admit that your post reminds me of the book Built to Sell by John Warrillow. Basically, you're a master of everything but a master of nothing. You might be able to get a lot of people bought into the concept but to scale that might cause you some stress. I've been trying to simplify our business for several years now (we've been around 8-9) and I'm still trying to become a master of something, which is 90% CRM finally. It never used to be that way, used to be 10% of this, 10% of that. So there's that on YOU and how it might impact you.

    As for interest, I'll be honest a lot of that stuff I find on crowdsourcing sites on my own. I think you'd be better off going after more established business owners who just don't have time to do those things. I think the entrepreneurs starting out like to explore and try different things especially if they are on a shoestring budget.
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    I like,, and google has always been helpful. Not to mention networking in person, and visiting local small business associations, groups, etc.

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    Promo it sounds like a good idea that needs to be defined a little more.

    Like the above poster said. Give too many options, they will decide nothing.

    Specialize in a specific niche whether its building an online business or Marketing Fundamentals.

    But you are right, business owners do need what you have to offer. I wouldn't call it a concierge service...its more of a consulting business.


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