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Thread: Single Page vs Traditional Multiple Pages

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    1 page sites are horrible for SEO. Most site's created are not created to their full potential. There's more to a "pretty" $5000.00 site. Not only in SEO terms but conversions as well. An expensive site that looks pretty is no good if you can't get organic traffic and sales. All you'll be doing is writing a check every month continuously trying to Market/Advertise for more visits/sales.

    The proper way to build a site is to know exactly how you're going to structure it and know all your "main" keywords before starting. A lot of sites have a few categories with a mess of unrelated topics within them. This is not only confusing to Search Engine spiders but visitors as well. Silo structuring is the best.
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    Single page websites have a place in overall web marketing especially as ad landing pages, and they can get found in search depending on your competition.
    There's also Parallax websites which technically are single page, but can have the content of a multiple page website.

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    I agree with you, I think it is important to organize your site with different pages so that it is easier for your viewers to navigate and it makes it more visually appealing! Having to scroll for everything may lead to people leaving your site.


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