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Thread: Confirmed Ranking Factor-- Mobile Friendly websites

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    Google confirms Finding more mobile-friendly search results
    So if you want to rank on Google you should have a responsive site.
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    I saw that. I think it's only for mobile results and not general results at the moment, but I can see that changing before long. Regardless if you want to rank well for mobile searches you need make sure your site is responsive. I don't mind. I've been designing and developing responsive sites for a few years already. I checked my site through the link Google provides on the page you linked to and Google was happy with what it saw.

    For anyone who had their site built 3 or more years ago, you almost certainly need to have some work done on it before it'll be responsive. If you were thinking of having your site redesigned anyway, now would probably be a good time. If you use WordPress, most of the newer themes are already developed to be responsive, but you might want to check or switch to a newer theme.
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