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Thread: Why is Michigan all over my lead form?

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    Default Why is Michigan all over my lead form?

    In google analytics I am getting a spike on Michigan. Michigan showing too much traffic to plot so google takes the easy road and plots it as a giant circle on the graphic instead of showing the cities, and just list them on the report textually.Michigan isnt the top hit tho. when i group by state, the usual majors beat it out cali, texas, newyork, fla, ect. I see the increased traffic in Michigan and it is welcomed... but here is the rub.for the last four or five days.ALL of my leads. that is.converted hits that have filled out the form to request info.have all been from Michigan.ALL.I'm talking 15 plus straight leads.WHY? speculate.I want your general Ideas as well as any analytics reports or things i should look at that I already havent...

    regarding analytics I have grouped by keywords... they are different...there isnt a new outlyer there...other than the usual "how to open a game store" esque stuff... I have checked referals to see if a new site picked me up that is geographic in nature to michigan like a classified site or something... I dont see anything speaking directly to Michigan. and finally... I call my leads... So far I have gotten some of these on the phone... they say they stumbled onto me from google.

    Why? Why the aparent spike towrds conversion in MI? Is it really just a coincidence? I feel the reason might help me in other regions...thats just how I think... Thoughts? I hope you guys will give me some ideas...
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    It could be a total coincidence, or maybe your industry has gotten some help by way of a local news story. Look at the cities where they are coming from to zero in on the general area, and then comb the local media for related stories.

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    Do you have contact info for any of your new leads? Email one or two just to say hi, thanks for signing up, and by the way, how did you hear of our service/product/etc.? Sometimes it's quickest to just go straight to the source.
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