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Thread: Is direct mail marketing still relevant

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    you're right because it's still relevant.
    but I recommend you to do it by yourself, without a direct mail company. try software for email marketing from AtomPark Software

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    Direct mail marketing does indeed work. I think that offering incentives for your boutique would be an excellent strategy to attract people to it. That would boost the appeal of your boutique in my opinion. You can find these types of incentives on Google. For example, gives you those as well as other companies like, and several others. It's just a way to give any business an edge.

    Sometime people need that extra incentive for choosing your business. There's a alot of competition out there, so it's a great way to stand out from all the competitors our there.
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    Isnt there a chance that the emails will fall in spam folder?
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    What are the avg costs for typical, post card direct mail marketing. Say, 5000 cards.


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