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    Default Hey, New blogger enters...

    Hey all, This is Yair Shalev and i am a blogger as i wrote in my bio.. so a new blogger enters in your community and first of all hi to all..

    I just wanna know how do you promote your blogs?
    Thanks in advance..

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    Make sure to comment on other top blogs. Seems to work well.
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    Promote on other blog. As to other blog some partnership and post on forums to show your knowledge.
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    Commenting on other blogs is a sure-fire way to build up your reputation, but it is really slow. Also, I recently discovered something which scared me senseless about commenting on other Wordpress sites. So, if this is going to be your strategy, just be sure to play it safe.

    Community gatherings seem to work really well. I actually did quite a bit of research (analysing some of my own statistics on my various blogs, as well as statistics from some other bloggers) on this and a new post is coming out soon.

    Also, there are various small things that can improve traffic - tagging properly and so forth.

    Social media is still a big debate amongst bloggers. Many use FB, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Some do so with great success.

    It really all depends on your individual blog and your individual aims.

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    My blog is only two months old at this point. But most of my traffic comes from this forum, reddit and pinterest. I don't get insane traffic so far just about 250 visits a month. But as I said it's a new blog, as far as SEO tactics. Realistically, it's going to take between six and eight months to see real results.


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