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Thread: Fake background check

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    Harold, I think Florida requires random drug testing and a test at the time of employment. The last time I had a real job was in 2000 and only for a few months and I had to take one and they did random testing but only on people they could afford to fire. It wasn't really random.

    A lot of my opinion from the post above comes from my Sears security job when I was in college in the late 70's. We not only had to look for shoplifters, but had to look for employee theft. Fired a lot of employees and had a few arrested during the 3 years I did that. It would have been helpful to have more information on employees.

    You are looking at this from the employee standpoint. The OP was looking at it from the employer standpoint. I'd want that info if I was going to hire someone. I wouldn't necessarily use any info to immediately disqualify someone.

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    Florida's only requirement on employers to do random drug testing that I could find is if they want a discount on Workers' Compensation "insurance".

    I know several business owners here in Oklahoma that don't do drug tests because they'd rather have a stoner than an alcoholic working for them, though they do have a zero-tolerance policy for using on the job.

    Nationally, nearly 10% of employees go to work high, with more than 80% having reported scoring drugs illegally. In Florida, only 2.6% of welfare applicants failed state drug tests.

    By the way, here's the Sixth Circuit's recent opinion on credit checks for employees. (The first sentence is pure gold: "In this case the EEOC sued the defendants for using the same type of background check that the EEOC itself uses.")
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    In IT industry all big companies are doing this and I do not think any small company can even afford a thorough background check, may be they will call your previous company to check if you were working there or not and that is enough if someone answers no matter if that is a garage phone number, a friend's phone number or anything else.
    But big IT companies do take it seriously to maintain the quality of employee they hire.
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    Fake background check? Who needs it when a real one is so fast, easy and affordable! Even if you state in the ad background check will be required, a lot of guys would want just to try their luck just in case you don’t do it... and if you don’t, they win, you may lose, you may lose big time. Just to save some dollars. I would never ever risk my business because of few bucks. When I am about to hire someone, I do the interviews, short list few people, check their social media, do second interview and run background check only to the best candidate.<link removed>
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