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Thread: Where to start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraCee View Post
    Thanks for the replies guys. sounds like I need to do a lot more research than I thought!
    Took me 2 years to run a decent blog that actually made some money, and that people wanted to be mentioned in the first time around. It's kind of like like programming a TV or Radio station or any other medium where you are looking for what is basically ratings.

    At first you start out with what you want to do, and then you have to figure out how to implement it in a way that attracts readers and/or makes money. All the while you're promoting the thing so that you can get enough traffic to even see if anyone is actually reading it and what adjustments need to be made.

    Eventually what you end up with is light years away from what you started with, but in a good way. Better.

    That is of course, if you're unknown and don't have 50k Twitter followers or another way to promote yourself and your blog to the masses.

    That's not to say it will take you that long to figure it out and get a groove going. You may strike some luck right out of the box and get picked up by someone who promotes your articles, or hit a niche that people are attracted to right away.

    When I was struggling back in the day I saw a bunch of "Mommy bloggers" seem to come from nowhere and rocket to instant success in a matter of months. But looking back, it was a marketing machine. They were on morning shows, writing books, doing recipes. It wasn't just happenstance. They had a marketing plan to tackle a niche and they did.
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    FB & twitter

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    Use wordpress, but get your domain name and hosting to have full control of the website. You can't make money on (they don't allow you to display ads). Analyze your market, follow influential people, comment on blogs in the same niche, guest post.

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    Personally, I really like Wordpress.
    Yes, I do agree with Wozcreative that eventually you need to make the decision to have a site designed and custom-branded for you.
    But while you are still dabbling, this may not be worth the initial investment.
    Personally, I always advocate that your first priority should be content, not appearance.
    Some of my first articles were text walls of 2000 to 3000 words, with no images and people still read them and commented. I'm not talking thousands, but it got me started and it kept me going.
    Then I started working on some various design elements, made some changes to my content, started to learn some more about the very basic html.
    Saw what people like, what they don't like, what seems to be popular, things that seem to bring in more traffic, which search terms people use to find me and so forth and so forth...

    I also ask the question: Why do you need to start blogging right now?
    I am assuming, "Because X told me it is really good for SEO."
    Which is true to a certain extent, but in order to receive any benefit from it, you need to dabble with posting schedules, learn to write great headlines and how to tag properly.
    You also need to make some new blogging friends...

    Blogging is something that takes a significant investment of time.
    I personally vote to start to blog because it is a great new skill - and not expecting immediate results takes the pressure off and allows you to just play around a bit and learn.

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    I would also recommend WordPress Never failed to me

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    Wordpress is most used online blogging platform. It's easy to use because of plugins. You don't need coding skills.

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    If you're just starting out, I would recommend you check out smart passive income. It is hosted by Pat Flynn and his site is dedicated to new bloggers or site owners. If you feel you need advice on business mindset you're welcome to visit my blog.


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