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    Hey guys/girls!

    I need to set up a company in the United States, but I live in one tiny European country.
    Can you please suggest me which state has the cheapest fees and taxes and or services that I could use to register a LLC.
    I'm very new to this company stuff so I really have no idea what to do. Also I'm not sure about how to file taxes etc..

    Any help would help me a lot.

    Thank you!

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    It's not uncommon for most businesses to register in Delaware as it's a bit of a tax haven. However, where will you be doing most of your business? Or are you starting a e-commerce site of some kind?

    Anyway, it makes the most sense in terms of taxes, registration, and the like to register your business in the state in which you'll be doing business. We do almost all our business in Texas currently, so we registered our LLC here!

    Make sure you are covered for sales tax licenses as well. These can be difficult to capture after the fact.

    Hope that helped at least a little.

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    I have read that Wyoming might be a good place too. I'm not very sure. There is one website called Wyoming Company or whatever that shows pretty big differences between Delaware and Nevada and Wyoming.
    It's little bit confusing really.

    My business would be e-commerce and different web services.

    Also I'm wondering do I really need a bank account? Maybe I could make one here in my country? The thing with it for example in Wyoming I'd have to come to US to identify myself in the bank.

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    I think delaware is good. i want also setup company in delaware. when we are non residents in usa and we dont have incomes from usa, then taxes are probably 0? but i have one customer in california and i dont know what with this situation when i will have company in delaware? what kind of taxes i must pay,or if is it possible from delaware llc? - outsourcing in Slovakia - logistics services in central Europe

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    There are a lot of benefits to incorporating your company in Delaware. If you do decide to incorporate in Delaware, is a great resource. They provide high quality, simple and quick startup documents for a fraction of the price. Here is a link to their Delaware Formation documents:
    Good luck!


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