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Thread: Should every small business have a website?

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    I concur with Harold. Facebook may work extraordinary now, however consider the possibility that they change something in two years and your 1000 posts don't benefit you in any way any longer. You have no control. With your own site you have control.

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    As much as possible small businesses must have a website especially targeting different locations from their target region.

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    Yeah, i think if you want to improve and enhance your business than you should have a website of your business.

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    Yes, 100% should have a website. And collect emails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by websitebuildersteacher View Post
    Do you think every small business should have a stand-alone website? I mean not a profile on Facebook or similar, but a website under it's own domain name?

    I think not every business needs a website. For example it doesn't make sense to advertise a local greengrocer's shop online. Or maybe I'm wrong? What is your opinion?
    Social media platforms like facebook can change the rules at any time. For example, one day all your page followers could be seeing your posts in their facebook feeds and then the next day facebook decides they want to charge you for your posts to display in your own followers feeds. I think this example actually happened to an extent. For this in other reasons, you want to have command over your internet engagement strategy. That means at the very least having a standalone website.


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