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Thread: First Data Corporation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post
    If you were part of an organization of similar business owners, you could find out what they do. While they may be a competitor, the old saying is very accurate -- keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. You should know as much as you can about them.
    So sould I call them and ask who their processor is/ pretend like like I'm one of their custos? worked on one of my competitors...

    Also since this thread was about First Data... They called me today ( they have been calling me since I first applied and decided not to go with them )
    But now, they want my business. They tried to charge me an extra 15% becuase they think my business is high risk, but now they are acting like they can waive it... aint that some ****? But the company I'm about to sign up with now is a sub of First Data, so oh well. When I declined them the woman on the phone said " all of our applicants always come back to us..." UH! I hate it when that happens, I don't want to use them just out of spite, but I prob will...

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    No, if they were part of a similar organization... eg. Chamber of Commerce, I'd try talking to them about their businesses.
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