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    Hi all,
    I want a simple to use firewall software in a 100 employee environment. Firewall should block unnecessary websites, keywords, videos, images, any intrusion as per users and groups (eg: teachers and students). Bandwidth shaping would be a plus. Any suggestions??

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    You sure you want this as software (which implies it's just running on generic computer hardware) or would you rather have a hardware-based firewall like those from SONIC, Cisco, Netgear, etc.? And your requirements no longer make it a "simple" firewall... firewall rules are usually pretty complex to configure.
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    If you are looking for a pure software option then I think Sophos can provide a solution, as you can install on any hardware. I have found Sophos to be easy to use on all its other products so would expect the same with their firewalls.

    If your looking at a hardware solution then both Netgear and Sophos do a UTM range. I have installed a few Netgear UTM's and find they give excellent value for money and are easy to setup.
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