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    I would like to kindly ask for your opinion and suggestions regarding the following case:

    I have been associated with the IT industry for over a decade now. Initially, as a developer later as an IT architect. For the last 8 years I have been working as an IT Project Manager. I have led a number of large projects and built an extensive business network.

    Recently, I have decided to start up a company that would specialize in software developers’ outsourcing in the local market. I also do plan to expand the services to other countries e.g. by hiring remotely programmers (developers) from Poland based on “time and material” model.

    The questions are, whether I will manage to find businesses interested in this type of nearshore services in your country and in what way I could acquire potential customers?

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    I'm not sure your business model is clear. Are you looking to start a business where you are a project manager and outsource developers?
    As a freelance graphic and web designer (interestingly enough... born in Poland but moved to Canada), I do get hired by "project managers" who market to clients by doing a lot of legwork. They have a website setup and business cards. They travel to places and tradeshows/networking events and conferences. They try to meet new people all the time. You will first have to setup a business plan, figure out your USP and design your marketing and branding around that. Have prepared flyers, business cards, brochures.

    Aside from that, you will also need to figure out how you will run your business. The types of IT people you need, their weaknesses and strengths. You will need to figure out how you will problem solve when a developer is stuck on something, or suddenly has stopped replying to your emails. You will need to figure out how you will keep all your client information safe and secure. The type of project management software you're going to be using, your invoicing software. You will also need to setup a bug/issue tracking software as well. With 10+ years of experience that you currently have, you should have the knowledge on what currently works and what needs to be fixed in the company you work now. This is a good guage.
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    You better start with freelancing if you want to start this kind of business. Most of the big IT companies started there.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Your story looks similar to my business start up. You can first start as freelancer. Register your business, build a network. Deliver some good work on your company's name.

    It will help you to build upon confidence and understand real challenges during actual business.


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    No doubt the sector of outsourcing services to third part companies is growing quite rapidly , so your business can have a bright future. But you need to create trust in industries around the globe, in order to get clients for your business. In USA outsourcing has a huge scope and you can surely get clients if your business has really got the potential.

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    Quote Originally Posted by debratorres View Post
    You better start with freelancing if you want to start this kind of business. Most of the big IT companies started there.
    Totally agree. Get some projects in your portfolio and you'll be able to grow in a couple of years.
    Alexandra from Romanian IT partners


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