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Thread: social media--what should i be doing?

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    Social Media Marketing is what I do all day long, and I'm so excited to help my business clients expand their reach to the online audience to help them grow their business.
    Ignoring social media in my opinion is very dangerous, because clients or potential clients are going to search for your business online whether you like it or not, and if you are not in control of what they see you could be harming your business in the end.
    Examples of things I've seen:
    Google+ listing the wrong hours or a fax number instead of a phone number
    Facebook Business Page name taken by a competitor

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    I also don't think you can ignore Social Media unless you really think people who would buy from you don't use it. Which I don't think is the case given your business.

    I can imagine being in your position, it's difficult to do something others are suggesting without seeing actual evidence. So I would recommend you checkout your competitors on Twitter for example, and see what they talk about, the conversations they have and amount of time they spend on there. If they are spending time doing something, then you can be sure they're doing it because they value it.

    Another idea is to play the "I'm new to this industry, can I have some advice please" and speak directly to one of the more established competitors.
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    Selling services through social media can be more difficult then selling products, there's no doubt about that. However, as a (I'm guessing) small local contractor a lot can be said for the power of social media. If you can get exposure to a local audience through it you can build a local customer base. Post regular updates about what you are up to and anything you are doing that would appeal to a local audience. Also maybe try outreaching to local groups on Facebook to get attention that way. You could also trying running an offer via Facebook.

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    A great beginners guide to social media: Social Media: The Free Beginner's Guide from Moz. Overview, best practices, social media networks, etc.
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    I like to use forums. I make good connection and honest kind of marketing with conversation. People see my comments all the time. I am Chinese Herbs distributor and when people need to learn about health they can learn from us in the forums. Now I join this business forum to learn how to promotion and gain new customers. I will not recommend my own website because I just join this forum and do not want to be spam. But soon I will have a signature that links to functional website. You can do the same and always when people come to this forum in future years they still find your helpful advice about product that interesting to them. Best wishes

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    As a customer, no matter the business I like to check out people before I do business with them, whether it be website or facebook. Also, in this day & age I would google "plumber in my area" before I'd even think about cracking open a phone book. So if you don't have a website, it is imperative that you have a facebook page or some sort of online presence so that people can find you online. Now if you don't have the time to spend online posting pictures or making announcements, you can now link your accounts so if you post on instagram, it will also post to twitter, and so forth. You can also schedule future posts which is what I love. When we are in our busy seasons is when I need the posts to go out but have the least time to do it so for instance in my situation we grow strawberries on our farm and our busy season is March-May. So in February or on weekends when I'm not busy I start working on things to post at my most popular times of day (facebook will report to you when the most people see your posts). I go ahead and schedule picture posts, recipes, and farm facts to keep us present online in people's minds when I know I won't have time to do it when it actually needs to go out. The scheduling ahead feature was genius!

    With plumbing I know you don't have cute pics of kids picking strawberries like we do but you can post a picture of a job you feel is well done and talk about it. People like to see what they're getting they like to see that it is a real person they are dealing with. Or just schedule announcements, come up with cute sayings, post plumbing facts, anything to get your name out there. Join your chamber of commerce and use the resources they offer as well!

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    I like Gary Vaynerchuck's view on how to do social media marketing the most. Basically, you need to provide good and continuous value to your community before asking for something in return. (i.e. buy my stuff)
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    I love this thread, thanks haggytree, if you still listening. He left the conversation about a year ago but his thread got a life of its own and still kicking.
    haggytree if you are listening, tell us what you did about the social media and how it worked for you, thanks.
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    It really depends on what you're doing.

    If your ideal clients and customers are hanging out on social media, then you should promote there.

    But, you've got to test it out and see if your time might be better spent elsewhere. Social media is simply a tool to get your business in front of people's eyes and to connect with those people.

    If that's something that your business will benefit from, by all means, use social media to help it grow. There's also tons of resources to help you out. I would check out Social Media Examiner.
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    First off, the social media platform you choose depends on your niche and your end goal. Are you attempting to gain conversions in the form of sales, build brand recognition or would you prefer to maintain relationships?

    A lawyer may have better luck trying to build a practice on a site like LinkedIn while a pet groomer may work viral magic on Facebook with cat photos. If the Lawyer attempted Facebook though, he/she would find themselves struggling to find good, engaging content.

    If that very same lawyer wanted to use Facebook then they would probably use it to keep close to existing clients, previous clients and connect to referrals rather than to expect new lead/conversion generation. Does that make sense? Cat photos are cute and funny, the target demographic of facebook is generally very personal and family oriented so these things are neutral to everyone they are shared with. LinkedIn is far more business-centric and someone like a corporate lawyer would probably find that vertical extremely powerful.

    Long and short, understand your audience and understand your niche. Once you do that, research your demographic and your goals with said demographic.


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