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Thread: Online payment system with no chargebacks

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    Question Online payment system with no chargebacks

    My name is Jason and I operate an online/live government auction company and am looking for a setup for online payments without the possibility for payment charge backs due to one certain factor, we must pay our clients within a few days.

    We are a cash only system at the moment and would like to be able to transition to receiving online payments with credit/debit/instant money order/bank transfer or any other available system to help cut our workload but due to the nature of the business i have not been able to find any viable options to help us.

    Everything is sold as-is with a form signed twice stating knowledge of that and there is an inspection upon request for all items but previous experience has show us that even that is not enough for some buyers to dispute an item after purchase. The owners fears are people doing a charge back after paying for an item and having possession of it. And we do not have the means to constantly be having to deal with these problems should they arise.

    A few options i am looking for
    -No charge backs (main thing)
    -The ability to add fees for processed vehicle title work
    -Notification of payment

    Any help would be appreciated as the office personnel is driving me postal worker insane with their archaic paperwork/payment systems

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    No such animal. Anyone can dispute any electronic transaction. As a cardholder, my agreement with the credit card companies -- backed by Federal law -- is that I can dispute any transaction within 45 days and they have to investigate and document that I did agree to the charge. You, as a vendor, could attempt to fight back against my dispute, but it's up to the card company to decide the outcome, which means they can rule against you. Even an e-check transfer could be disputed if the person really wanted to.

    Cash. Cash can't be disputed.
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    I don't know of any way to avoid online payments with no chargeback. But I think there are ways to reduce chargebacks.

    1. Have the customer provide there CVC code when filling out an order form. This is an extra safety precaution.

    2. Use a universal name on all documents when dealing with the customer and credit card companies. Many confusion and charge back occur when names do not seem familiar.

    3. Give a full description of your product so your customer knows exactly what they are getting.

    4. Write it down the order form that the customer most return purchases on any disputed items.
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    I know of no way to do this. You can have forms and get them to sign things and do everything you possibly can to avoid any kind of problem and you'll still get the occasional customer who will have a problem. It's just the nature of being in business.

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    Auction and online auctions such as Richie brothers and iron planet make users setup accounts with financial backing. Processing payment on a CC but having backup payments such as checking account on-file and a waiver for final sale might help. Check out how they do it.

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    I know this is late and may be an unpopular answer but a non-cash solution to preventing chargebacks is to accept cryptocurrency payments. You can't chargeback bitcoin transfers.

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    Payment Processors would go out of business if they covered everyone's chargebacks. Like Freelancier said above, no such animal.


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