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  1. I've looked into a few basic online articles ,...

    I've looked into a few basic online articles , but none of them revealed much . I wouldn't be doing a franchise for what it's worth and I'm mainly interested in information concerning day to day...
  2. General advice for getting into the car wash and laundromat businesses

    I've been thinking about getting into the car wash and/or laundromat businesses for a long time , which is why I'm interested in reading any sort of general advice about this topic out there .

  3. Businesses worth getting cardboard boxes from ?

    I'm in the middle of helping my nephew move and ( as a result ) I'm on the hunt for cardboard boxes . I'm especially interested in getting them for free , since I happen to be a bit short on money ....
  4. What's the Self Storage Space Rental Business Like ?

    I've always found the idea of renting self storage space appealing , so I thought it would be useful to get the opinions of people familiar with this type of business .

    Is this type more of a...
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    Glad to be on Board !

    Hello everyone my name is Lionel . I am glad to have joined this forum and I look forward to many productive discussions relating to small business .
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