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    Recommendations please

    Hi I am going to be selling on Amazon and I have found that the North American and Canadian prices for products like flash drives are too high for my budget.

    I have seen on the Internet that...
  2. Looking for best sellers for sale on Amazon

    I am going to be selling on Amazon to make some extra money as the government disability allowance is not enough.

    I have an idea of what I want to sell but I would like some additional input from...
  3. Looking for a good , honest , and reliable product sourcing company to buy from.

    Hi I am hoping to sell on Amazon in the near future and after doing some research and talking to a few people I am more mixed up than before.

    I have been told that sourcing products from...
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    Looking for wholesalers

    Hi I am interested in selling either microSD cards , SD cards or flash drives in 16 or 32 gb sizes. Depending on the cost I would like to buy 25 at first to see how well they sell and if all goes...
  5. Looking for some of the better Ali Baba global sources to deal with

    Hi I am hoping to get a small amount of merchandise from one of the Asian wholesalers/sourcers/manufacturers but I have heard that in some cases you can lose your money , I realize that this kind of...
  6. Looking for the best overall sourcer / wholesaler in Asia

    I am sell on Amazon soon and I am a bit confused about certain wholesalers in general in Asia. (I cannot find any inexpensive ones in other parts of the world). I am on a disability pension...
  7. Global sources , Ali Baba and Alliexpress + ANY other good wholesalers.

    I want to buy in bulk from a wholesaler and would like to know if anybody out there as heard of one called Global sources also how reliable and honest they are compared to Ali Baba and Alliexpress...
  8. Paypal - do you need money in your PayPal account to pay someone ?

    Hi when you pay someone with PayPal is it necessary to have a balance equal to the amount want to pay in PayPal at that time that pay them or will PayPal email you and let you know that all of them...
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    Alibaba companies to avoid

    I am thinking about buying some products from Alibaba but before I do I would like to ask anyone out there who knows of any of the below company's that I have been looking at that I should stay...
  10. Alibaba wholesaler are they good & reliable ?

    I have spent 100ís of hours now searching for good , honest and reliable wholesalers but I am practically at a dead end . There is one I found called Alibaba and I was wondering how good and reliable...
  11. When starting a business what is the best wholesaler to use ???

    The best wholesaler

    I would like to know which wholesaler is the best , most reliable , honest & the one will get your products to you on time between Alibaba & Aliexpress OR do you...
  12. Good honest & reliable wholesale/bulk sellers

    I would like recommendations from everyone that has used any good honest and reliable wholesale/bulk sellers for MICRO SD CARDS , SD CARDS & FLASH DRIVES . Also I would like to know which one...
  13. Questions about affiliate marketing - Clickbank products

    Hi I am going to be marketing affiliate programs mainly Clickbank products and there are a few questions that I would like to ask everyone.
    I am going to be marketing the products without a...
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    Clickbank questions

    Hi I will say right off the top that I am posting this here because they say I have not enough privileges to post forum. As a want answers now and I haven't the time to use the forums is much as I...
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    Good places to advertise in

    Hi everyone

    Can you advertise a business on sites like Craigslist , Kijiji , used everywhere or other similar sites ? Other possible places that have just come to mind are Amazon , eBay etc.
  16. Some of the honest & reliable generaI wholesalers N.America & Canada


    I am contemplating selling on Amazon but before I do I would like to find out what are some of the large and general merchandise wholesalers who are honest and reliable ?. Also I do not drive...
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