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    LLC or Corporation Help??

    I have read that as a corporation you basically get Double taxed, it seems like you would have rto pay youself out a certain amount as the owner. But because a LLC is the newest entity, it doesn't...
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    Business Entity Help anyone??

    Our company is currently a LLC partnership, but both partners are splitting. We are starting with a new EIN but keeping the name. How should we go about deciding if we should continue as an LLC or a...
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    EIN Info- Anyone??

    We are starting a new company, How do I get an EIN? Our company travels, is there a way to change the address asscoiated with the EIN everytime we travel to a new location?
  4. How to switch ownership of a domain on GoDaddy?????

    Just as the tite friend has a website that he wants to transfer ownership in my name. It is with godaddy - what do I need to do. There is no money involved so it is not a sale. Thanks.
  5. Just got a new website built and need SEO help - where do I start??

    Hi. I own a new paintless dent repair (like a bodyshop repair facility) and we travel from storm to storm in different states. We got a new website built for $650 but it comes with no SEO. The...
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