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Artistic Stitch Episode Almost Made Marcus Lemonis Quit the Show

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Marcus Lemonis' experience working with Queens-based Artistic Stitch in Season 2 was so awful that he actually considered quitting the show. Lemonis revealed this in a behind-the-scenes episode that aired earlier this week that revisited the 2014 episode.

"People are liars," he said of why being in the business can be so difficult. Ultimately, he calmed down and reminded himself that there are good people out there.

The episode can be summed up as such:

Lemonis offered $660,000 in return for 50% equity and 100% financial control of the business. He immediately wrote checks for $300,000 to transform the location and make the landlord whole on past due rent. With the operational issues fixed and the look reinvented, Lemonis departed and promised to check in later.

In Season 3, viewers saw what happened next. Co-owners Sal and Nic drained the company's cash to pay themselves, undid the store's entire transformation, kept the money that was supposed to go to the landlord, and liquidated a $27,000 printer Lemonis purchased and apparently stole the proceeds.

According to New York State Court records, Artistic Stitched sued its landlord in January 2016 for wrongfully filing a second mechanic's lien on the property. The landlord defeated them and followed it up by suing Artistic Stitch to pay its attorney fees and to vacate the premises. That action to appears to have resulted in a settlement.

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