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Queork on The Profit

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Queork owners Amanda Daily and Julie Araujo own an all-cork accessories business based in New Orleans, Louisiana. By offering a unique product in the French Quarter, Marcus Lemonis thinks the concept is cool but worries that ultimately no one has any reason to care.

Why buy something made of cork when you can buy the same item using any other traditional material?

Lemonis tells Queork to focus on YEP, the non-profit Youth Empowerment Project that trains vulnerable youth in trade skills. It's a program that Queork has already tapped to hire some of its workers and Lemonis thinks that initiative should be front-and-center. You're not just buying cork because it seems cool, you're buying it because it's part of a youth building goal.

Daily, who runs the business day-to-day, initially stumbles in communicating that to a prospective wholesale client, but ultimately recovers in a similar high-pressure stakes pitch later in the episode. Lemonis walks away pleased with their progress, a positive takeaway since he is shown writing a $120,000 check in return for 33.3% ownership in the business.

Meanwhile, Araujo, whose role in the company is primarily as the financier, is said to be a practicing attorney. A quick review reveals that she is a partner at Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP, a national law firm.