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Coco Taps - The Profit Review

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This is a strange episode in The Profit series because Marcus determines early on in the episode that the product is nothing more than a tap that can be inserted into a coconut. After an episode full of literal song and dance by Vincent (Vinny) Zaldivar, Coco Tap's owner, Marcus decides this is a concept he can invest in so long as Zaldivar's patent on the tap technology is eventually approved as Zaldivar claimed it would be. But when Marcus hires a lawyer to check in on the patent's status, he learns that the patent has already been denied and a similar tap concept had been submitted prior to Zaldivar's.

Coco Vinny tries to convince Marcus that none of this matters, but of course it does, and the episode ends without any investment.

The ending seems incredibly predictable especially if you've seen a similar shtick on Shark Tank, Coco Jack.

Zaldivar's patent application can be viewed here.

Ironically, an inordinate amount of time is spent talking about distributing Coco Taps in Key West, FL, far away from Zaldivar's home market of Las Vegas. It just so happens that an individual from Key West, named Paul dePoo, claims to have invented the coconut tap concept himself. Here's a link to his own patent application.

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