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Marketing Guru Marcus Guiliano Explains Homepage Marketing Strategies

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Even though social media is a critical marketing tool, marketing guru Marcus Guiliano told a crowd of business owners at the Javits Center for the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York last week that a company’s website is still the most important place online to convey information about your company. Here are some elements Guiliano discussed that he thinks should be on almost every effective website, ideally on the homepage.  



He stressed the importance of having real people say glowing things about your product or service. And it needn’t be a long list. One or two brief testimonials will do the trick. If you’re just starting out, you may not have any testimonials. Get some as soon as you as you can, he says, and get a few of them on your homepage.



“People lie, numbers don’t,” Guiliano said. Of course, Guiliano didn’t mention that people can lie about numbers. Nonetheless, even if the numbers are misleading, he said that people respond well to concrete numbers.


Influence by Association

If your company was mentioned in a reputable publication or appeared on a well-known list, like the Inc. 500/5000 list, get that on your homepage. People will associate your company with a respectable brand that they already know.


Authority Bias (Celebrity endorsement)

If a well-known authority of expert can endorse your brand, go for it, Guiliano says. Even if the celebrity authority has nothing to do with what you’re selling. It’s doesn’t matter, Guiliano said. Your selling insurance, and Judge Judy is willing to endorse you. Putting her on the homepage, Guiliano says.      

Apart from a company’s website, Guiliano said that retargeting is very important. Retargeting is when someone clicks on a product, an ad for that product follows them to other sites.

“When you’re an owner, you have to be a marketing maniac,” Guiliano said.
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