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Lyles BBQ on The Profit

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The world's most public job interview aired on The Profit in the form of a family-owned BBQ restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. Lyles BBQ, owned by the Lyles family, was a business that was basically doing alright, aside from a few quirks and a misfiring 2nd location in a mall food court.

At times, it's a wonder why the family even needs someone like Marcus Lemonis to come in and make improvements, but the husband/wife team's son, Chandler Lyles, is clearly driving the charge forward. Despite the restaurant lacking the funds to even buy $5,000 worth of much-needed kitchen equipment, Chandler insists the business needs to open 98 more locations across the world. His outsized ambition is almost laughable in the face of simple day-to-day challenges like improving poor sales at a food court location.

Lemonis finds a scalable piece of the business, the great tasting food which can be sold on shelves nationwide. He partners with the family on that and leaves the restaurant alone. Meanwhile, the mall food court location is completely redone to perfection, thanks to Chandler's efforts.

Other than leaving the viewer very hungry for southern BBQ and Momma Lyles cooking, the episode feels out of place, as if there was a missing puzzle piece. At the end, Chandler confides in Lemonis that he doesn't really want to help run his family's restaurant because he pictures himself working out of a skyscraper one day, running a massive business.

And just like that, SURPRISE!

Lemonis reveals that the tasks he assigned to Chandler in the episode were part of a job interview to work at his business ML Food Group, which Chandler had discreetly applied to work at behind his parents' backs. He passed and Lemonis offered a $75,000 salary and a $10,000 signing bonus. Chandler accepted.

Corroborating that this was not just a stunt for TV is Chandler Lyles profile on LinkedIn. His account says he began working at ML Food Group this month. His job title is product development manager. From ML Food Group's About Us section:

The ML Food Group is a diverse collection of high quality restaurant brands working in collaboration with Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC’s series, The Profit.The ML Food Group is led by Marcus Lemonis and a team of restaurant experts that are setting a higher standard in the restaurant and franchise industry. Marcus Lemonis is the host of CNBC's hit tv show "The Profit"​ and has invested in numerous restaurants and food concepts across the country. Many of these restaurants have perfected the People, Process, Product business model and are now ready for that next step In Marcus's vision for them.

Chandler's profile byline says: Family first. Business second.

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