This is a Test of the Emergency Blogging System

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Just testing the new blog feature to see how it will look and function. Nothing to really see here except me rambling so I can fill up a few lines of text. Even tests posts are boring without anything to look out.

How about some formatting.

  1. This is the start of a list
  2. This list should be ordered
  3. This is the 3rd entry
  4. I could go on
  5. But I'll stop

The basic editor seems limited in its controls. It would be nice to let people create html headings instead of just formatting text to make it look like a heading. Then again allowing html in blogs could cause more issues. Ideal would be to let people choose from a list of pre-formatted headings.

It looks like people can have permission to style their own personal blogs, but I don't think that's best to allow. Better to keep the design of the site consistent across blogs.


  1. vangogh's Avatar
    Might as well test the new comment feature too.
  2. KristineS's Avatar
    I'll test the comment feature as well. I'm with you on the style thing. Let's keep the look consistent. I shudder to think of some of the designs that might pop up.
  3. vangogh's Avatar
    Interesting. I thought I had set the post so that I would need to moderate your comment. It was something I was testing. Maybe I did it wrong or maybe as admins our comments can't be moderated. Or maybe I simply set things up wrong.