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  1. The Indispensable Value of Small Businesses in the American Economy

    Small businesses have long been the cornerstone of the American economy, providing not only essential goods and services, but also playing a critical role in shaping communities, fostering innovation, and contributing to overall economic growth. In this article, we explore the key reasons that make small businesses indispensable to the American economy, highlighting their impact on various aspects of the nation's financial landscape.

    One of the most significant ways in which small ...
  2. Coco Taps - The Profit Review

    This is a strange episode in The Profit series because Marcus determines early on in the episode that the product is nothing more than a tap that can be inserted into a coconut. After an episode full of literal song and dance by Vincent (Vinny) Zaldivar, Coco Tap's owner, Marcus decides this is a concept he can invest in so long as Zaldivar's patent on the tap technology is eventually approved as Zaldivar claimed it would be. But when Marcus hires a lawyer to check in on the patent's status, he ...
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  3. Dante's Italian Restaurant - The Profit

    In the latest season, Marcus Lemonis heads to Dante's Italian Restaurant in Rockaway, NJ. The owner, Dante, who is 26 at the time of filming, is struggling to make the business successful.

    Cue Lemonis to the rescue with an offer Dante can't refuse?

    Not quite. The restaurant is facing a hurdle that even Marcus can't jump over, no financial record keeping at all. Even more complicated is that Dante's ownership in the business stems from compensation he received from his ...

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  4. Marketing Guru Marcus Guiliano Explains Homepage Marketing Strategies

    Even though social media is a critical marketing tool, marketing guru Marcus Guiliano told a crowd of business owners at the Javits Center for the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York last week that a company’s website is still the most important place online to convey information about your company. Here are some elements Guiliano discussed that he thinks should be on almost every effective website, ideally on the homepage.  


    Testimonials ...
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  5. New York Restaurants Juggle Rent Increases and Regulations

    From left to right:
    • Steven Picker, Executive Director, Food and Beverage Industry Partnership, NYC Dept. of Small Business Services
    • Melissa Fleischut, CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association
    • Taniedra McFadden, Director of Operations, Sylvia‘s Restaurant in Harlem

    The New York State Restaurant Association hosted a panel yesterday at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York to discuss how restaurants, particularly ...
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