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  1. Artistic Stitch Episode Almost Made Marcus Lemonis Quit the Show

    Marcus Lemonis' experience working with Queens-based Artistic Stitch in Season 2 was so awful that he actually considered quitting the show. Lemonis revealed this in a behind-the-scenes episode that aired earlier this week that revisited the 2014 episode.

    "People are liars," he said of why being in the business can be so difficult. Ultimately, he calmed down and reminded himself that there are good people out there.

    The episode can be summed up as such:

    Lemonis ...
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  2. Jackie's Cookie Connection On the Profit - Bankruptcy Filing

    Rachel Galant made good cookies, but she didn't create a good business. That, according to Marcus Lemonis on an episode of The Profit that featured Galant's company, Jackie's Cookie Connection. Lemonis' love for the product was outshone by the poor economics of the business model (which sold cookies for less than the cost to make them) and racked up millions in losses and debts.

    Jackie's Cookie Connection, ...

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  3. Why Front and Back of the House Clash

    How to Avoid the Restaurant Drama

    The animosity between kitchen and wait staff is an age-old dilemma that restaurants have been facing since the beginning of time. The kitchen, referred to as the Back-of-the-House, and the servers, referred to as the Front-of-the-House, have been at odds with each other since restaurants existed. At best, itís an occasional annoyance to managers. At worst, it can seriously interrupt the work flow.

    While this employee competition ...
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  4. Seasonal Menu Changes

    Adjusting Your Menu Throughout the Year
    Changing your menu seasonally is a great way to keep it interesting and fresh. Itís also the best thing for your food cost since seasonal ingredients are cheaper and more readily available. Some foods are available for purchase outside of their harvesting months because they are preserved through various storage methods, but purchasing food when itís being harvested is usually the best route. Here are a few simple ingredients and the seasons in which ...
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  5. Culinary Byte$

    Many would-be restaurant entrepreneurs wrongfully fear failure due to lack of experience in the food service business, and bankersí err when citing false statistics such as the fabled, ď90% of restaurants fail in the first year due to inexperienceĒ. Really? Not so according to surveys published by Cornell University, the University of Tennessee and UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management. According to their surveys, the failure rate for an independent restaurant is no different from any other ...
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