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  1. FuelFood: A High Risk Deal For the Ages

    Updates 8/16/16:
    Fuel Food business partner Paul Schumack was sentenced to 12 years in prison in March 2016
    Several other merchant cash advance companies continued to give FuelFood money throughout the rest of 2015, according to UCC filings
    The company currently has an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau
    Erik Leander is still running the company, according to the Florida Secretary of State

    It's a deal for the record books. CNBC's The Profit, ABC's ...

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  2. Artistic Stitch Hustles Marcus Lemonis

    Another New York business has stabbed The Profit TV star Marcus Lemonis in the back. The first was Brooklyn-based Stein Meats.

    In Season 2, Lemonis transformed Queens-based Artistic Stitch into Queens Vibe. Owners Sal and Nic were questionable characters at best. There was a mountain of debt, the landlord hadn't been paid in years, and the business itself was in the red.

    Lemonis offered $660,000 in return for 50% equity and 100% financial control of the business. He immediately ...
  3. Money saving tips for your next website project

    Getting a new website designed or updating your existing one, can be an intimidating process, but it doesnít have to be. Everyone wants the website of their dreams paying a fortune for it. To be honest, itís not the rocket science that you think it is.

    We qualify every purchase we make by comparing products, seeing which has the features and functions that we want and even judging them by other products and reputation of the manufacturer, and recommendations from our peers. ...
  4. Trying this on for size

    Here I am writing a post. This doesn't appear to be too hard.

    Looks like all the standard bells and whistles are here.

    And now I can add a link. I linked to Google because I couldn't think of anything else.

    You can also, apparently, attach stuff to a blog post. Never thought about doing that.

    I can make my text a color And then switch it back apparently. That looks a little weird though.
  5. This is a Test of the Emergency Blogging System

    Just testing the new blog feature to see how it will look and function. Nothing to really see here except me rambling so I can fill up a few lines of text. Even tests posts are boring without anything to look out.

    How about some formatting.

    1. This is the start of a list
    2. This list should be ordered
    3. This is the 3rd entry
    4. I could go on
    5. But I'll stop

    The basic editor seems limited in its controls. It would be nice to let people create html headings ...
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