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  1. Marketing Guru Marcus Guiliano Explains Homepage Marketing Strategies

    Even though social media is a critical marketing tool, marketing guru Marcus Guiliano told a crowd of business owners at the Javits Center for the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York last week that a company’s website is still the most important place online to convey information about your company. Here are some elements Guiliano discussed that he thinks should be on almost every effective website, ideally on the homepage.  


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  2. New York Restaurants Juggle Rent Increases and Regulations

    From left to right:
    • Steven Picker, Executive Director, Food and Beverage Industry Partnership, NYC Dept. of Small Business Services
    • Melissa Fleischut, CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association
    • Taniedra McFadden, Director of Operations, Sylvia‘s Restaurant in Harlem

    The New York State Restaurant Association hosted a panel yesterday at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York to discuss how restaurants, particularly ...
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  3. Majority of Small Business Owners Don’t Pay Themselves for Months

    A majority of small business owners do not pay themselves for multiple consecutive months in order to control their business’ cash flow, according to a recent survey of 500 small business owners, conducted by Kabbage.

    More specifically, 26 percent of those surveyed have gone two to six months without paying themselves, while another 25 percent have gone more than six months without pay.

    “Having owned multiple small businesses before founding Kabbage, I am intimately ...
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  4. Lyles BBQ on The Profit

    The world's most public job interview aired on The Profit in the form of a family-owned BBQ restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. Lyles BBQ, owned by the Lyles family, was a business that was basically doing alright, aside from a few quirks and a misfiring 2nd location in a mall food court.

    At times, it's a wonder why the family even needs someone like Marcus Lemonis to come in and make improvements, but the husband/wife team's son, Chandler Lyles, is clearly driving the charge forward. ...

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  5. Artistic Stitch Episode Almost Made Marcus Lemonis Quit the Show

    Marcus Lemonis' experience working with Queens-based Artistic Stitch in Season 2 was so awful that he actually considered quitting the show. Lemonis revealed this in a behind-the-scenes episode that aired earlier this week that revisited the 2014 episode.

    "People are liars," he said of why being in the business can be so difficult. Ultimately, he calmed down and reminded himself that there are good people out there.

    The episode can be summed up as such:

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