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  1. Why Do Restaurants Fail?

    There is a long standing belief that restaurants fail at the rate of 90% in the first year of operation. That myth was promulgated by a “rock star” chef entertainer in the 1990s and spread like an e-virus around the country. The truth according to academic studies performed at Cornell University, the University of Tennessee and UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management is that the failure rate for an independent restaurant is 27% in the first year of operation, 19% in the second year and 14% in ...
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  2. Restaurant Lingo: For Beginners

    Restaurants tend to develop a language of their own and the longer you spend in the business, the more it begins to sound like your native tongue. I routinely catch myself uttering “coming behind” when I’m passing slow old ladies at Wal-Mart, rather than politely saying “excuse me.”

    Here are some samples of Restaurant-ese:

    Murdered- This refers to food that has been ruined, usually by overcooking.

    Radar Love- Putting food in the microwave. ...
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  3. Restaurant Fashion Faux Pas: Oops!

    The food service industry might not seem glamorous, but there is definitely an unspoken dress code. Two employees wearing the exact same attire can convey two totally different images. Here is a list of ways that restaurant employees typically make fashion blunders.

    Wearing black pants if you’re not the chef. This rule applies to cooks. It is highly disrespectful to wear black pants in the kitchen unless you are an Executive or Sous Chef, regardless of whatever kind of laundry ...
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  4. Is Fine Dining Dying?

    Some industry insiders are predicting that the age of fine dining and haute cuisine is on its way out the door. From my experience, I don’t think that’s an entirely inaccurate call. There are certain elements of true fine dining that are slowly fading away.

    Fine dining indicates a certain amount of pomp, not just from the wealthy customers, but primarily from the cooks and chefs. I remember a time when cooks and chefs walked around with such a culinary arrogance and snobbery ...
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  5. Queork on The Profit

    Queork owners Amanda Daily and Julie Araujo own an all-cork accessories business based in New Orleans, Louisiana. By offering a unique product in the French Quarter, Marcus Lemonis thinks the concept is cool but worries that ultimately no one has any reason to care.

    Why buy something made of cork when you can buy the same item using any other traditional material?

    Lemonis tells Queork to focus on YEP, the non-profit Youth Empowerment Project that trains vulnerable youth ...
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