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12-04-2010, 03:44 AM
I have been reading a tutorial on using WP. The first thing it said to do was to configure WP. I have done some of the things suggested, but there are some things I don't understand how to do.

1. Remove or rename default post category. The standard post category in WordPress is set to “Uncategorized” with the same for the Slug. You don’t want that, you should have the main topic of your site reflected in that category. On this site that is set to “WordPress CMS”.

I can see where to do this, I just don't know what to put in the space.

2. Delete or rename default and create new link categories. The default for links in WordPress is “Blogroll” and you can leave it that way but I prefer to alter it, in my case into “Website Building”

Once again I see where to do this, but don't know what to put in the space.

3. Change the image settings. I change this for security to. The default is wp-content/uploads and I create a directory in the root called “images” and change the image settings to point to that directory. It makes it easier for me to open this directory for search engine robots to come in and index my images for image searches. You can change this under settings->Miscellaneous->Store uploads in this folder. Ps. make sure the folder has write permissions for WordPress uploading, be sure to test this.

I don't see image settings anywhere.

I guess that is enough for now. I'll work on some more for later. Thanks for you help!

12-06-2010, 11:56 AM
1. With the categories you're going to want to come up with different categories of posts for your blog. If you're not going to start out with a blog then you don't have to worry about this now since it's not something that will affect pages in WordPress, only posts.

I think I may have posted this in another thread recently, but here's a video covering the differences between categories and tags (http://wordpress.tv/2009/09/20/lorelle-vanfossen-tags-categories-portland09/) when blogging. It's a really good overview of how you might set up categories on a blog. When you've chosen the categories you use, any of the those categories can be the one that replaces uncategorized. What you put in the space is really up to you.

2. Similar to the above. This will only matter if you decide to include a blogroll. You may decide not to use one, in which case it doesn't really matter what's listed there. Assuming you do want to use it, it's again up to you what to include. You could add a few blogs run by friends or list a few you read and recommend. There's really no one specific thing you need to include in a blogroll. If you aren't sure what to place there then I'd suggest not including one. Don't have a blogroll just because WordPress makes it easy to add one. If there are a handful or more sites you want to always recommend to your readers then include those in a blogroll. If not then don't include the blogroll.

3. This is buried a bit. Look under Settings > Miscellaneous. At the top you'll see a field to Store uploads in this folder with the default being wp-content/uploads. I think you'll have an easier time if you keep your new folder inside wp-content. In fact all you need to do is rename the existing uploads folder to whatever you choose (the security issue is in people knowing the default name) and then changing wp-content/uploads to wp-content/new-folder-name under Settings > Miscellaneous

Hope that helps.