View Full Version : Licensing, which is like "franchise lite"

06-24-2020, 03:44 PM
Hey all,
My company is Teknosophy, LLC. After 10 years of doing in-home tech support for consumers (mainly seniors) and some SOHO, we've begun licensing our unique methods to technicians around the country. We've got a couple licensed affiliates up and running, and a few more coming soon.

Rather than franchise out my brand name and have strict requirements with franchisees, I decided to license my technology to folks who would be independent affiliates. I'd muuch rather take a smaller amount of money, have a lot less red tape, and give them more freedom. We keep our fees very fair, because we're more interested in your long-term success, and we realize the world has a massive need for competent in-home tech support right now.

Clients tell us that before meeting us, they were stuck with:

Big Box stores whose employees have 11 minutes of training, charging them $300 to wipe out all their data or run an ineffective virus scan
A local mom and pop shop or office supply store who does something similar
Their aunt's uncle's goldfish's cousin's nephew, who comes over and... does something similar

In contrast to that, The Teknosophy Method tracks down modern threats, such as toolbars, which are legalized viruses, undetectable by virus scanners.

We apply protection that prevents threats, instead of reacting to them later on, or charging people for monthly feel-good fees.
We're among the few technicians who can perform human-verifiable backups, instead of just plugging in a backup drive and hoping it'll be there for us when we need it.
We install proper routers so people actually have WiFi coverage through their house. 99% of people are infected with a rental router from their ISP, which is limited to a 10-foot range in the real world.
We also emphasize the bedside manner, and instead of talking down to the client like most techs do, we remind them that they're intelligent successful people who can't be expected to keep up with an industry that complicates itself more and more every day.

So, if you're personable and are sick of working for someone else, let's talk!