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08-16-2008, 04:20 PM
Steve, years ago I had a fenced yard, but a dog that liked to dig in the flower beds. I bought a fence charger from sears (the things they use to keep cattle off of fences). I ran a thin piece of wire around the flower beds and hooked it up. Dog touched it once and never went into the flower beds again. I got shocked by the thing ad it was a real attention getter. The nice thing about it was I unhooked it after the dog touched it once and as long as that one simple piece of wire was there, he never went into that area.

That thing was designed for cattle. I have a similar problem today. I don't want to use something that strong. Are there similar products but with lower voltages designed for dogs? I've seen ones sold for deer applications but not dogs. I don't want to go the invisible fence route. The prongs on the collar the dogs wear can irritate a dogs skin if worn to much.

Ya, I know someone out there might not like the whole idea. I don't really like it either, but it worked so well!

Steve B
08-16-2008, 09:41 PM
The buried wire or underground dog fence option is probably the best answer for this situation. The dogs will not be bothered by a properly fitted collar that is removed for at least 10 hours per day. Like you said, it's only a problem if the collar is worn too much. If you have an indoor dog, all you have to do is take the collar off at bedtime. If your dog is outside 100% of the time then this is not a good solution.

If a few flowerbeds is your only problem and there is no worry of them running into the street, then you might want to just do some old fashioned training. With proper diligence over a 5 week period you should be able to break them of this habit. If you want to pursue this, I'd be happy to walk you through some steps. Another cost effective method would be to use some relatively inexpensive indoor units and adapt them for outdoor use. Feel free to PM me or call me if you want further detail on these options. My number is on my web-site.

08-16-2008, 10:26 PM
It's a few hundred feet of fencing this time with plants next to the fence. The dogs 2 now and the problem is diminishing. If my wife plants a new plant, its a sure bet that the dog will be running around the yard with it the next day. A cheap 2' garden fence would work as well.

Still, it was great with the wire. One small wire and the dog didn't go near stuff.