View Full Version : an easy to learn video editing tool for an old salt proficient in windows movie maker

11-25-2018, 07:50 AM
Hi All. I have been making videos of our game store builds for years. I have been using windows movie maker with great success, and because i've worked with it for so long I consider myself pretty proficient at it. However I just purchased a new laptop that doesn't have it on there and it seems the program has been discontinued unless I am reading incorrectly. I have an imac but only use it for watching movies and entertainment based surfing because I find all of its differences to PC to be annoying. I do ALL of my work on PC and windows based, laptops. Can someone suggest an easy to learn windows compatible video editing tool that can let me edit in the same or better capacity as windows movie maker? I appreciate the assistance.

Oh... and Hello all! it's been a while! to briefly catch up My business is doing great, I have a 2nd residence in the Philippines now and multiple international clients as well as the bulk of the stores in the US! I miss all of you regulars. It's been a mad house keeping up.