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04-16-2018, 12:56 AM
Hello All...

We are selling gemstones and gemstone jewelry online worldwide online. We have an e-commerce portal on Magento 1.9. We are facing problems with the sales. We have visitors but not able to convert them. Can you please suggest some changes/activities improve sales in the online shop. Our portal in 9Gem[dot][com].

Harold Mansfield
04-16-2018, 02:27 PM
Hi ChloeHOSKING, welcome to the forum.

Without knowing what you're doing to target your market, the only thing I can comment on is your website as is.

You've done a good job so far, however some of your colors are conflicting or hard to see.

1. At the top of your site there appears to be important links, contact information, and navigation up there but I honestly can barely see it. It appears as yellow on yellow and immediately strains my eyes. Design mistakes like that make me immediately doubt a company's experience and credibility and I'll back out of the site.

2. Same with your main navigation. It's grey on grey. When you go dark, your font has to be light. You want to design a site for the worst possible user on the oldest system with the worst eyesight.

3. Get rid of the scrolling text. Find another way to present that information. Scrolling text is a distraction, and people associate it with intrusive ads, spam sites, and again is not easy on the eyes.

4. Your combination of colors is also not very easy on the eyes. The Pink doesn't match the yellow and it seems to kind of be all over the place. Of course this could be a regional thing that maybe I just don't understand, but if your target audience is not simply regional then you should design with everyone in mind.

Try this online tool to find complementing colors that work well together. Put in your main color and it will show you choices that make sense across all browsers.
Colors on the Web > Color Tools > Color Wizard (http://www.colorsontheweb.com/Color-Tools/Color-Wizard)

5. Ironically your welcome text is the some of the smallest text on the page that could easily be missed with all the scrolling images and text diverting users attention.

6. Some of your items don't have prices.

7. Your main navigation kind of has too much info. Is your site trying to sell products and sign up dealers? It can't be everything to every one. Keep the main thing, the main thing. I would remove info about dealerships from the navigation and place it in the footer where people expect to see additional information.

I'd move certification down to the end, make "about us" first, and put a contact us link in the main navigation to make it easy for people to ask questions. Maybe it's fine in the top navigation, but again no one can see it.

Also, you have too many navigation areas. There's 3 above the fold. One would think that would be it. Then there's your category navigation that starts below the fold where it's not immediately seen.

It's confusing. When you confuse people or give them too many options, you are risking that they don't choose anything. Direct people where you want them to go in the clearest, most direct way possible. You don't need to repeat yourself.

Some things you are doing correctly include having refund, shipping, replacement and privacy policies. People always forget those things.
Having an SSL.TLS.

I can imagine how long it took to get all of those items in with descriptions. Good job on that.

Again, I'm shooting from the hip just about the website. When someone says they're having conversion issues, the first place I want to look is who they're targeting and how. That's usually where you find the initial issues, and then it just multiplies as you get to the site.

JMO of course.

05-23-2018, 11:56 AM
My suggestion to you would be that you should provide some bonus or discount on sale to your visitors. This might improve your overall sale.

12-07-2018, 01:25 AM
Consider some points to make your jewelry store more profitable.

1. Approach with fresh eyes - Focus on updated customers with updated lighting, new floor coverings, current colors and on-trend display fixtures.
2. Raise the counters - Raise your display counters so customers can have an up-close relationship with the products they’re browsing.
3. Pay more for a smiling security guard - Interview your security guards as you would an employee and pay more for those who have social skills like smiling and a welcoming attitude.
4. Goose your employees - Train your employee how to be active, they not only focus on customer request but also show their own interest and choices.