View Full Version : Need advice about language school franchising

05-31-2015, 02:23 PM

I'm posting here because I look for some advice on starting my own business – more specifically, a language school. I don't plan to become a teacher (my patience is rather... limited, I'd say, not to mention my poor teaching skills :D) and don't have huge financial reserves, so I thought about franchising. There are several options available (as Uncle Google says), but I'm wondering what is better (in terms of potential profits): becoming another piece of a large chain of language schools or trying to establish a foundation for such a chain in a country, where said chain is not yet present. For the time being I chose Speak Up as a franchisor, because their offer looks quite interesting and seems to be a low cost franchise, but if you have some other (better) proposals, I'm open for your suggestions. Regards,


06-01-2015, 05:15 PM
Without a lot to go on I would suggest being a little careful about jumping into that. There are few demands that remain unfulfilled. Where there is a need for language schools many options exist that would be cheaper for the students than participating through a franchised outlet. It is not an area when I have much knowledge but I have spent a lot of time (25 trips ) in Russia and other parts of the former USSR. There is a good demand for language studies but there are also lots of choices and finding a language teacher if someone wants to study English is easier than finding a slot machine in Vegas.

Personally I would look at other options before jumping into that one.