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03-18-2014, 05:37 PM
Hi, I am putting together a web design package specifically for small business owners. It will be a completely done-for-you package with a monthly fee. I would like to hear from small business owners about the difficulties they have had in setting up their website either themselves or with a web developer. Also small business owners that have resisted getting a website because it was too much hassle...I would like to know what hassles?

The websites will have just one purpose really and that is to generate leads and enquiries. They will be fully responsive in a very neat way. You can check out a live site at Perth Pool Care (http://perthpoolcare.com.au) I would also appreciate any honest feedback on this site, just in case I have missed something.


P.s. If you are a SBO in Australia and give me some good feedback on this post I will send you a special discount coupon that you can use when I launch the service.

William Girona
04-09-2014, 11:10 PM
You appear to have done very well with the site. One thing I would suggest based off the quick review of its coding is moving the slideshows javascript component to the bottom of the page to prevent the javascript from triggering before the object, in this case the slideshow, is loaded/rendered that way even on slower, outdated devices the visitor can still see it functioning properly. In addition...I like using .gif images that simulate the slideshow for the initial image that way anyone who has disabled Javascript can see a simulated slideshow.