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  1. Extended Sick Time
  2. Legal Entity
  3. Legality of Informational Products?
  4. Zoning Laws Double Check
  5. Trademark Questions
  6. Single Member LLC = Dangerous?
  7. Monitoring Employee Communications
  8. HR Questions You Can't Ask (And How to Get Around That)
  9. Health Insurance
  10. Multiple Business Entities or One Umbrella Business Entity?
  11. Possible Issue With Starting My Business
  12. LLC Creation Company Messed Up Stuff...
  13. LLC Membership Certificate Question
  14. Exit Interviews
  15. Signing On Behalf Of The LLC
  16. Using Social Networks to Research Employees
  17. Illegal use of my last name
  18. Managing Employee Morale
  19. How do you motivate employees
  20. I am thinking of hiring, but different idea on the pay scale.
  21. Any Suggestions - Old Workers Comp Audit
  22. Developing Terms of Service / Privacy Policy for Website
  23. Copyrighting Logos and Font Questions
  24. Writing Software License Agreement??
  25. Question about electronic signatures
  26. Who Is Reponsible?
  27. Independent Contractors question
  28. Can you patent a location for advertising?
  29. Grammar and Interviews
  30. small claims court
  31. Use of Competitor's Name
  32. lawyer in your pocket
  33. Use of Image
  34. DBA to LLC questions
  35. contract early termination?
  36. contracts for website designs
  37. Direct mailing legal issues
  38. Hiring Based on Personality
  39. Bankruptcy Auction Question
  40. Inside Sales and Outside Sales
  41. Your Impressions of HR: Benefit or Burden?
  42. Copyright, Defamation, Privacy, and Trademark
  43. Would you prosecute?
  44. Mentoring Employees to Improve Performance
  45. Employee Reviews: Helpful or Harmful
  46. Worker's Comp for trade shows??
  47. Do you see a problem with our TM application?
  48. Can you refer me to good product liab insurance co.s?
  49. Worker Safety Posters on Websites
  50. Music Usage Laws
  51. Website to sell "over the counter" medicines
  52. Protecting (and Marketing) Your Inventions
  53. VAT (in Europe)
  54. Financial Protection for Spouse?
  55. Do you Research Potential Hires on the Web?
  56. hiring a person for services and not as an employee
  57. debt
  58. CA laws on employees starting their own company?
  59. 2 year purchase agreement
  60. I have a friend who told me of her TERRIBLE/illegal(?) work conditions.
  61. personal debt
  62. The Best Way To Quit
  63. Can you Teach Leadership
  64. industrial partner
  65. Order From Nigeria
  66. New Owner with issues from former owner! Help!
  67. Help with legal essentials
  68. Question about Domains and Trademark
  69. opening a business that has closed
  70. custom tax
  71. Is there any way to obtain a backdateed DBA?
  72. Getting rid of business partner
  73. Records Management Software/Applications
  74. PEO vs. Basic Payroll Services
  75. Help with small claims
  76. Got a DMCA complaint. How do you verify that it's real?
  77. Breaking our 5 year lease....1 year early
  78. Multiple DBA Seperate forms of Business Advice Needed
  79. Protecting Minority Owners
  80. family
  81. Legal question about children of employee
  82. Does working with a client in a questionable business make you a participant ?
  83. Call Centers
  84. Change of corporate address
  85. ITAR Regulations for Information Technology
  86. Choosing Your Business Entity
  87. Conflict of Interest? Please Help!
  88. Hiring staff as a sole proprietor?
  89. Conflict of interest
  90. Bonding Coverage
  91. Legal Retainer
  92. Membership Certificates: Name change
  93. Sellers Permit vs. Business License
  94. Transportation rental agreement / legal advice needed
  95. Husband and Wife LLC umbrella with multiple DBAs
  96. legal or illegal business address
  97. Competing / operating at a near loss
  98. October Is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  99. Integrating a Finished Product into Design
  100. Shareholder buyout/Removal
  101. Legal Doubt
  102. Not sure about work preformed not under contract
  103. Change industry and location of s-corp
  104. Consultants and Contractors
  105. Leave versus Layoff
  106. Can certian words be trademarked?
  107. Accruing vacation time - opinions wanted
  108. Help! Will incorporating my business protect my personal debt?
  109. Incorporating Now & 2011 Expenses
  110. General Liability Insurance audit
  111. Parent Company LLC
  112. LLC/Salary Question
  113. HR Question: Company Culture and Attitude
  114. What does this patent issue mean?
  115. How to leave an LLC completely?
  116. Do I need to find/purchase a Social Security Number Deissemination Form?
  117. Corporations and leave...
  118. Employee v Independent Contractor Test
  119. Creating an LLC for 2 companies
  120. what are my options when a sub contractor breaches a contract and does not perform
  121. How to register the shop name
  122. Can A Design Of A Website Be Protected?
  123. Help with potential small Claims Case
  124. how do i collect for an unpaid business to business transaction?
  125. How to Add Member to LLC in NJ
  126. Writing off a company loan as a gift?
  127. Shareholder Agreement Legal Question
  128. partnership
  129. Free and Open Source Legal Documents To Help With Your Business
  130. Business Valuation - Severed Business Relationship
  131. Help with my business
  132. Health care question
  133. 105(b) primer
  134. Commercial Insurance options, satisfying a client that requires specific coverage?
  135. Important Question Need Answered - Incorporating a New Business after Exiting Another
  136. Importance of Partnership Agreements
  137. Gounds for a Lawsuit?
  138. Shareholders Agreement - Recapitalization
  139. Do I need Business Insurance for my own LLC?
  140. Bank Account Garnishment
  141. Have not been doing business for five years and ready to start up again
  142. Crackdown on Using Independent Contractors
  143. Hiring as the DBA instead of the LLC
  144. Legal issues for
  145. LLC partner backed out - legal advice?
  146. How to structure an agreement between the lender and the borrower?
  147. Protecting individually identifiable data
  148. Question about 1099s
  149. Sticking point in Operating Agreement
  150. DBA Question
  151. Best legal resources for small businesses?
  152. How to hire without creating competition?
  153. Partnership Percentage
  154. LegalZoom vs. local lawyer?
  155. trade mark and someone stealing your website name
  156. How to Go About Protecting Your IP (Patents?)
  157. Is trademark registration a DIY job? and a few questions about trademark registration
  158. Health Insurance?
  159. Employee From an Independent Contractor Question
  160. Legal "Cooperatives"?
  161. s-corp protection from personal creditors
  162. Splitting profit with investor?? Starting new business.
  163. Thread Fixed: Questions on Fee-Splitting and Insurance for Teaching Qigong
  164. PO Box And Tax
  165. Domains and Business Entity Names
  166. Trademark question
  167. Do I have to Dissolve or can I Transfer my LLC
  168. What is the best business structure for a rental property in Texas
  169. Help! My boss is incapable of paying me in full...
  170. Patent Application Experience
  171. Hiring the formally incarcerated...
  172. Partner submitted false information to Minnesota Revenue
  173. Return Shipping Costs - Legal Obligations
  174. Joining an existing company restaurant
  175. Missouri House bill 0436
  176. Customer claiming I have damaged their property
  177. WHAT ABOUT EMPLOYEES??? New ownership!
  178. Hiring Students Easily
  179. offering benefits to some but not all employees
  180. time clock issues and overtime
  181. Does city matter? DBAs and online only businesses
  182. Accidently signed a personal guarantee!!?? Need Help!
  183. partners skimming off the top and keeping partial tax info from me, TX
  184. Is this illegal or not?
  185. Damage goods from china
  186. Partners take percentage of work I do.... ??
  187. Energy Deregulation
  188. Ex-Employee, now Business Owner
  189. Regulations for producing consumables in a home-based business
  190. International Import
  191. Silent Owner How allow someone else 'appear as owner without others really knowing
  192. Legal Help
  193. DBA first then LLC
  194. Need Legal advice. Problems with client and a deposit issue.
  195. Legal use of Assumed Name?
  196. limited liability corporation
  197. LLC member personally guaranteeing a loan
  198. Legal question about owning an equity in a company
  199. What should I legally consider my friend who is helping out with my business.
  200. Forming an LLC
  201. Service quote contracts and if they are binding.
  202. Property Owner Liability
  203. Forming multiple companies
  204. Technical Consulting LLC - what licenses do I need?
  205. Working as a contractor and hiring contractor telemarketers?
  206. Apprentice-contract
  207. Licensing art work _from_ a company?
  208. Member of LLC and Employee/Manager of Another Similar Company
  209. Product Licensing with Marvel/Disney
  210. E-commerce website legal question
  211. Independent Contractor Agreements. Why do I need to sign them?
  212. Legal representation. Covering my business and myself!
  213. Getting out of LLC?
  214. 10% owner of Common Stock in Company. Do we have any Management say?
  215. Need Business Advice
  216. Anyone familar with the phrase 'Party to a Body Corporate'?
  217. Income tax is a profit tax
  218. sole proprietorship switch from SSN to EIN
  219. Non-Competes for Computer Repair Independent Contractors in CA
  220. I-9 question- acceptable documents
  221. Import taxes fees?
  222. When in Small Business Insurance Absolutely Necessary?
  223. Does the Hobby Lobby ruling now mean that Shareholders are no longer seperate?
  224. Unofficial owner?
  225. Leaving my job
  226. Questionnaire for Hiring Contractors/Employees
  227. Starting a small business, what do I need?
  228. 1099 Authorized Representative
  229. bankruptsy
  230. Going into Flea Market / Trade show cutlery vendor
  231. SSI situation and disabled
  232. Closing Business and Starting New
  233. Fake background check
  234. Business Partner Withholding bank information, what are my legal rights?
  235. Scammed by business partner - want to file fraud case against him
  236. Single member LLC to Sole proprietorship
  237. Business partners issue
  238. Double bidding
  239. General Liability Insurance for LLC
  240. Small websites under one LLC?
  241. Getting invoices paid through small claims - who to claim against?
  242. Business Car Insurance - I Wasn't Covered
  243. 401K question
  244. Opening up a new company with a 80/20 split
  245. NDA Question
  246. Having a large company and being married?
  247. Can I sell a software from the company I founded to the company I am employed at?
  248. Human Resource Management (School Project)
  249. Courier Service Legal Requirements
  250. Independent Contractor vs. Employee HELP!