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  1. Are you your own accountant?
  2. Accounting Software
  3. Selling Online and Taxes
  4. How much do you know about FairTax?
  5. How to Pay People In LLC?
  6. How Do You Manage Payroll?
  7. Online Financial Advice
  8. Software or an Accountant for Taxes
  9. Accounting Software Recommendations?
  10. Financial Records
  11. Choosing an Accountant/Tax Preparer
  12. Accounting in Linux ...?
  13. Tax Company Trying To Convince Me To Join Them?
  14. Quarterly Taxes Due ...
  15. Taxation of Home Security System
  16. Capital loss write off for home office?
  17. Tax theoretical
  18. New business, unsure about tax requirements
  19. Best Financial / Tax Software To Use?
  20. S-Corp startup salary
  21. Webserver Hosting Country
  22. Best way to deal with COBRA?
  23. I Know This Is A "Tasteless" Question...
  24. When should a business charge taxes?
  25. options trading
  26. Tax Reduction for a Small Design Service Business
  27. The Last Day of the Year
  28. CPA Fees
  29. how do you look at
  30. s-corp- what % do you consider your wages?
  31. Cash vs. Credit?
  32. What type of Paypal and bank account to set up for online biz?
  33. Customer checks - pay to
  34. sales tax
  35. Choosing between LLC and Incorporating
  36. Angel/Venture Capital
  37. Quickbooks
  38. Possible Tax Rebate Scam
  39. Business Tax Question
  40. LLC S-Corp
  41. What do you know about tax credits?
  42. Schedule C
  43. Quickbooks or TurboTax?
  44. 2 Questions
  45. Estimated Taxes
  46. Car - Lease or buy
  47. Mileage and travel
  48. Hourly Rate for Bookkeeper?
  49. Expenses
  50. Accounts and timetracking software for mac users
  51. Personal credit card for business expenses
  52. Accounting services...
  53. Taxes on foreign profits?
  54. Leave it to the IRS to help your business
  55. Sales Tax
  56. Online Sales Tax
  57. S-Corp: Mortgage and Utilities business write-offs.
  58. Reseller Permits
  59. Invoicing (for freelancers)
  60. Processing Payments
  61. Estimated Taxes
  62. Operating out of state
  63. Cost of Goods Sold?
  64. New S-Corp in NV formed, now what??
  65. Schedule C and COGS
  66. New Business financial advice k1/expenses/etc
  67. Avg Price for a Small CPA firm to charge for Reviewed Financial Statements
  68. building a garage for the business
  69. Business or Personal?
  70. Personal Finances newbies should be aware of
  71. Medical Expenses and Taxes
  72. 2009 Year-End Tax Tip for Investors
  73. Homebuyer Credit Extended and Expanded
  74. S-corp Tax considerations?
  75. How to change fiscal year in 1st year of ops
  76. What expenses can my home biz pay to me?
  77. Donations to charities
  78. Cell Phone
  79. Hi, new S-corp owner with owner salary question.
  80. Multiple Owner S-corp, how to make mileage fair?
  81. C-Corporation and Officer Loan Receivable Account
  82. New LLC filing as s-corp
  83. Are 2010 wages for 2009 work deductible in 2009?
  84. S-corp savings in SE
  85. Online Service
  86. Tax Saving tips
  87. State Return
  88. Classifying Purchases
  89. Looking for:
  90. Should I attempt to fill out and return my C corps 1120?
  91. Gifts for Staff ?
  92. Transactions between associated companies
  93. Mileage Reimbursement
  94. How do you work with your bookkeeper?
  95. California LLC partnership filing taxes for the first time
  96. Cogs
  97. first year no pay
  98. Deductible expense question
  99. Calling all Quickbooks Aficionados
  100. Those using Cash Basis Accounting do you also do Accrual on the side?
  101. petty cash
  102. Paying yourself 50 cents mileage vs. taking as deduction on personal taxes
  103. How much do I ask for?
  104. Looking for a Delaware or Nevada CPA for non-resident E-Business LLC
  105. Lease calculations
  106. Stipends ?
  107. Accepting Online Payments and Transactions
  108. Why Is Sales Tax So Difficult?
  109. Does selling items such as fishes being tax in NY?
  110. LLC taxation as S-Corp C-Corp or Sole?
  111. Just S - incorporated..mistake I think
  112. funding capital and taxes
  113. Some tips needed
  114. Last minute Capital Gainer
  115. Logging tax question, tax guru's please!
  116. EIN for sole proprietor?
  117. Quickbooks and Credit Card Processing
  118. Purchasing Equipment Question...
  119. In budgeting, what is a good percentage to designate for taxes?
  120. In-House Accounting vs Outsource
  121. Question about Texas Limited Liability Companies
  122. how much to pay in wages and how much to take as profit
  123. Tax option for multi-year losses in startups/small business
  124. Just announced. 100 percent business expense write off. What does that mean?
  125. Back filing tax returns
  126. How to detemine the financial health of a business
  127. ways to save $$ on taxes...stratagies
  128. Do I need to charge sales tax?
  129. Is what I'm selling tangible goods for sales tax purposes?
  130. Question for an attorney or accountant
  131. Homebased business incorporated as a LLC is the LLC a new company or a continuation
  132. Completely Lost on Taxes (1099 Form)
  133. Speaking of 1099's
  134. Bad Accounting History - Advice Welcome
  135. Tracking Vehicle Mileage
  136. Local taxes vs. State taxes?
  137. How well do you categorize your expenses?
  138. Accounting and Taxes!
  139. Registering a DBA in Texas
  140. Single member LLC question - New Jersey
  141. EIN Registration Issue
  142. Can we hand fill in our W-2 and W-3 forms?
  143. Throughput Accounting
  144. Can Anyone Give a Newbie Some Accounting and Tax Advice?
  145. Filing taxes for NON US resident with LLC business
  146. Combine IRA Accounts
  147. Quick 1099 Question
  148. Selling Websites - Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax?
  149. paid in cash
  150. Single-Member LLC--- New Jersey
  151. Guaranteed Business loans on closed business
  152. Can you think of any departments that I forgot on my list?
  153. brand new to forum and to accoounting and need help/advise
  154. Must Sole Proprietor LLC file tax return even though it had no income for the year?
  155. Question about getting incorporated!
  156. New Business: No sales this year, but have expenses => Will I have problem with IRS?
  157. Owner Draw
  158. Starting a one-person design business...
  159. Tax/Accounting/Payment resources for a Sole Proprietorship?
  160. Outsourced Question
  161. Tax laws in Ohio
  162. Am I an employee or independent contractor?
  163. VAT and income tax question
  164. If I own the LLC and pay myself by the hours worked, Can that qualify as a draw?
  165. I'd like some tips about my preparing tax returns.
  166. Leasing your equipment to your own llc
  167. Benefits for partnership vs. sole proprietor?
  168. Resetting Base Salary
  169. is a concealed permit and a new gun a business expense
  170. Internet Sales Tax - Filing as Multiple Businesses
  171. Corporations and taxes
  172. Are hard costs taxed as income?
  173. accounting software and invoicing
  174. SEP IRA....a shockingly good value for small businesses w/o employees
  175. Software forwholesaler / distributor
  176. Some Questions about Working in Tax Preparation
  177. SE Tax Savings Example for Single Member LLC vs S-Corp
  178. Getting Ready for Tax Time
  179. customer found a way to deduct his $60,000 Porsche as a business expense?
  180. QuickBooks Users - I need some help
  181. Does my S Corp need to file taxes?
  182. I need some tax advise please - thanks
  183. Invoicing and payments
  184. All the proper forms for a new modeling agency
  185. CPA signarure vs owner signature on 1020S
  186. Single-member LLC - member equity and losses in excess of equity
  187. Financial statement and taxes - when is it needed?
  188. Complications with Multiple Entrepreneurships?
  189. LLC, 1 rental property and no quarterly statements filed!
  190. LLC taxed as Sole Propieterversus LLC taxed as S-corps
  191. Currently registered as S-Corp but want to revert back to filing as LLC - Possible?
  192. Need advice how to show more earnings?
  193. Looking for a realiable CPA/accountant in Delaware (for offshore LLC advice)
  194. HST in BC
  195. Tax reporting question
  196. Business Expenses for a business I no longer own
  197. Accounting/bookkeeping advice for very small business?
  198. Recording expenses after closing books for period
  199. Recording Inventory in a Manufacturing Company
  200. New Guy, basic question about expenses, proof of purchases?
  201. Company loan to employee
  202. Recording Receipt of Inventory in Real World Bookkeeping
  203. Computing Manufacturing Costs
  204. S-corp taxing on non pay
  205. Home Office Space
  206. Leasing a car abroad
  207. LLC/S-Corp vs. Sole Proprietor
  208. Partnership Percentage help!
  209. Independent Contractor question
  210. Working as contractor, question about some expenses
  211. Employee of own LLC business or not?
  212. When do I journalize this?
  213. closing an old account of my business
  214. ecommerce taxes
  215. Structure and taxes for rental house
  216. New S corp with no income help?
  217. getting temp help from overseas on internet
  218. shall I add my husband as a member of LLC?
  219. Paying myself: S-corp
  220. College expenses
  221. Keeping Accurate Records and Tracking Expenses
  222. Young Professional, How to Tax? When to Tax?
  223. Tax on Labor
  224. Are supposed to issue a 1099 to clients who pay more than 600 per year?
  225. Incorporating in Delaware
  226. Payroll for an S Corp with two employees
  227. Tax implications of moving LLC to another state
  228. A legal scheme for Husband wife partnership to pay ZERO SE self-employment tax?
  229. Accounting for unrecorded expenses
  230. Paying taxes on self-publishing income and affiliate marketing income
  231. I need a good tax attorney
  232. How do I correct his payroll error?
  233. Scorp - Can company purchase cars for owners to help lower taxable income?
  234. meals and entertainment
  235. How do I pay myself?
  236. Is LLC for me?
  237. Changing Sole Proprietor to S-corp
  238. Single Member LLC and filing taxes
  239. Single Member LLC, No Profits, Self Employment Tax
  240. Budget Catagory when Paying yourself
  241. Best Way to Find Accountant
  242. Calculating Cost of Goods and Using Inventory for Personal Use
  243. Micro Chainmail Sole Prop - Taxes/Accounting?
  244. Document for services paid, nontaxable?
  245. LLC for non residents
  246. Has anyone paid for tax classes?
  247. Digital TimeClock software? Want to keep track of employees' total time
  248. Paying all of my business taxes in one place?
  249. Does anyone use Payoneer Card
  250. How do I find out my employees state unemployment taxable wages for previous periods?