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  1. How much?
  2. Let's talk a little bit about money
  3. How do you reinvest in your business?
  4. Time and Money
  5. What is your main source of Financing?
  6. Government Grants or Loans
  7. Emergency Funding
  8. Using One Business to Finance Another?
  9. How Did You Know You Were Financially Ready
  10. Finance Using Your 401(k)
  11. Stock Market
  12. Is Your Business Your Main Source Of Income?
  13. Best way to finance Equipment
  14. Starting up a software company
  15. Taking Money from Family and Friends
  16. Credit Cards
  17. How to Make 2009 More Profitable
  18. the SBA Alternative
  19. Submit my articles
  20. Selling Rights To Photographs
  21. Better understanding financing options
  22. secondary markets for private company stock
  23. best rewards credit card
  24. Wire Transfer Fraud
  25. SBA/VA Financing
  26. Where Has Venture Capital Gone?
  27. First Data Corporation
  28. When to Say When
  29. Stimulus Money for Small Businesses
  30. Financing your Start Up with Credit Cards
  31. SBA Small Business Lending Help - Pushed Back Again!
  32. Types of Grants for Types of Businesses
  33. Accessing Capital and Promoting Your Business
  34. Creative Ways to Finance Your Business
  35. Special Tax Breaks for Small Businesses
  36. what do you do for your favorite customers?
  37. every July the work load always drops off to nothing
  38. Beware the Banks
  39. Plain english description of the SBA
  40. Playing fast and loose with the IRS
  41. So should I even try to continue being a member here?
  42. Ever heard of "high risk processor" owned by Jack Daryanani?
  43. Depart. Of Commerce Grants for braodband
  44. Ways to bootstrap
  45. Establishing Business Credit
  46. Leasing Equiment: Impact on Credit
  47. Need accounting advice...
  48. Taking over a bankrupt business.
  49. Thoughts from an angel investor
  50. Private Equity Investments and Online Marketing
  51. Limits Raised on SBA Loans
  52. Products Ready to Market and Financing Growth
  53. Complicated Partnership - Advice needed
  54. College Grad - needs $1million loan
  55. Can 403(b) funds be useded towards the purchase of an existing business?
  56. Student Subsidies
  57. Money again
  58. 600k loan for starting up educational facility
  59. annual problem/situation
  60. Need Loan For Auto Detailing and Refinishing Facility.
  61. How did you finance your business?
  62. Does FICO matters If I am buying investment property for my LLC ???
  63. Need opinion on a creative financing proposal
  64. Merchandising Payment Options
  65. Where is money for small business??
  66. Getting $30K to start business
  67. $20,000 loan help
  68. Credit options
  69. Has Anyone Heard of Kickstarter?
  70. Profit Terminology
  71. What to do??? Franchise or Business Consultant...
  72. Loan Assistance/Help
  73. Hi, advice needed on New Business Entity partner w/ exisitng Biz & Factoring/Credit
  74. How do you prefer to receive information?
  75. AMEX Plum Card Experiences
  76. Targeting Investors
  77. Loan Officer is pushing personal credit cards on me for business use
  78. Weekly Work
  79. How do you find an Angel Investor witk 350k to invest ?
  80. What to do with excess cash?
  81. Would like investors input / opinion / dialog
  82. business partnership
  83. How would I finance a real estate investment company?
  84. Financing and consumer confidence.
  85. How to secure less than $10,000 financing for low risk start up?
  86. How to finance a small business quickly?
  87. Owner ready to sell, How to...
  88. Need help raising start up
  89. What are my chances of getting a loan?
  90. Dumb question. How can I forecast sales?
  91. Questions about Grants
  92. Silent partner deal with 95% startup
  93. Percentage of Ownership & Finances Question
  94. How to Build and Re-Build a Remarkable Online Business.
  95. Where can I receive Funding
  96. Where to seek investor or partner
  97. Where to find businesses that want to charge more than they can on credit?
  98. NCAIS/SIC Code/Number application HELP!
  99. personal loan vs business loan
  100. Merchant Cash Advances
  101. Need to secure $1M loan to purchase a business...what are my chances???
  102. Is Financial Freedom Important?
  103. Small Business needs help growing
  104. Investor or Partner
  105. Buying a Business: Financing/Loan Questions
  106. A burning question
  107. Need help finding a bank.
  108. Cheap ways of dressing a stall up?
  109. Business loans based on personal credit?
  110. Buying a small to mid-size business...
  111. Help! Is this a good idea?
  112. Percentage split with investor
  113. Investor wants total control of company.
  114. Business credit card debt
  115. advertise for free
  116. Is 70/30 split with investor fair?
  117. Question about start-up funding
  118. Online Payment processing
  119. High risk merchant processing
  120. Equity Investor
  121. Survey on Small Business Loans for School Project
  122. New startup, loan question
  123. What Recurring Billing is and What Benefits Can I Get?
  124. Business partner needed - Where do I find?
  125. Best bank for small business
  126. New Corporate Startup - Need Advice/Consulation before we look for funding
  127. Taking on additional investor
  128. Bitcoin Merchant Account
  129. Help finding a good estimate of business worth
  130. Purchasing a company from current employer
  131. Contribution amounts for 2 partner LLC
  132. Elevator Pitch - What are the facts?
  133. Buy out of Partner (mother)
  134. Help with written Elevator Pitch to Angel Investors
  135. Silent partner finacial/payment questions
  136. Need help with a seemingly simple question.
  137. How little I know!!!
  138. Canadian Grants?
  139. Equity Financing
  140. Proprietary subscription model, or patreon?
  141. Starting a new business
  142. Securieng a large start up Captail with a rock solid bussiness plan
  143. Startup business need funding
  144. Kickstarter
  145. Questions concerning business structuring
  146. purchasing a business with a home
  147. Grant writing and application process for a 501c3 business?
  148. Funding for purchasing an existing business
  149. Retail finance for my customers
  150. starting an online business
  151. How much equity for silent partner
  152. Selling my company?
  153. loan money to my own company, or call it an equity contribution?
  154. How do I finance a real estate business?
  155. Cosigners.
  156. Taking out a loan to invest in bonds?
  157. Longer term personal loans.
  158. Paperless Billing For My Business
  159. Funding with credit problem ideas?
  160. What % of my business should I offer my GM to make him a working partner?
  161. Has anyone here had any success with Indiegogo?
  162. Getting capital.
  163. Great idea
  164. Supplementing Pub Income
  165. Buying an existing business questions
  166. I am in a trouble spot
  167. Partner Investor Percentages
  168. Revenue Based Loan
  169. Is it a good thing to hire a finance consultant?
  170. Best Places To Present To Investors
  171. Is this a realistic scenario when approaching investors?
  172. How to deal with currency exchange?
  173. Partner Percentages When One Partner Comes in Later
  174. Business Investment
  175. Financial plan for an App
  176. What do we need to consider for start-up funds?
  177. Questions on Applying for a loan for an established gas station?
  178. Need Websites for investors looking to find a business idea
  179. Personal Guarentee
  180. Using a credit card?
  181. Inherited IRA for Startup
  182. ROBS w/ Guidant or Catchfire??
  183. Questions about investors, incubators, AngelList, and more.
  184. What Legal Power Do I Have Over False Credit Card Disputes?
  185. How to find the right investor
  186. How to invest and when advice please
  187. iAd vs. AdMob vs. AdChoices
  188. Sole Proprietor to Partnership? Or sell shares? Form a corporation?
  189. Setting Your Own Salary With Multiple Businesses
  190. Making Money With AdSense
  191. Should I be worried that I gave out my social to a scam site?
  192. Increasing my business chances for a line of credit or loan
  193. Securing operating credit prior to purchasing existing small business
  194. Where can I get funding as a young person?
  195. Lenders for Start up costs
  196. Expanding; Should I Borrow, Or Use Personal Cash?
  197. Should I start my business plan so I can get a loan from banks and etc.
  198. How to open offshore bank account quickly?
  199. Opinions needed on if a loan is right for me?
  200. considering investing $80,000 in a running profitable restaurant
  201. Borrowing money from family member to purchase existing business. Best approach
  202. young person trying to gauge co owners intentions, please help!
  203. Advice please
  204. More Money = More Profit
  205. Starting capital
  206. Cash Reserves
  207. Working capital financing for small biz in the U.S.... easy or hard?
  208. What bank recommended?
  209. FREE Merchant Account
  210. Loans without personal guaruntee?
  211. We need to obtain cash
  212. Crowdfunding and it's Future?
  213. Bundling with a Larger Company for Better Health Insurance?
  214. Holding Company - How to Own and Lease Vehicles?
  215. How does business bankruptcy work?
  216. Protect Cash from Frivolous Lawsuits
  217. Should I Give away 20% Equity of my business?
  218. Chances of getting a loan with little collateral?
  219. splitting profit between investors
  220. Small biz loan - payback via credit card?
  221. Merchant Cash Advance for new business?
  222. Work out biz value
  223. Company Formation
  224. Credit Cards or No Credit Cards
  225. How much business loan can I get with this profile?
  226. Small business financing is a huge pain in the butt - atleast it has been for me
  227. Buy into business
  228. Getting a loan while unemployed or working part-time
  229. How much capital do I need?
  230. Franchising vs Revenue Based Financing
  231. Finding a blend of investor and mentor
  232. Interested in buying an established franchise for 150k with great cash flow
  233. Small Business Financing
  234. Buying out initial partner- need "word problems" to define terms
  235. Business Credit Cards
  236. What is the cost of expanding my company from the UK to USA?
  237. Do i need to pay income taxes for my drop shipping website?
  238. PayPal Working Capital
  239. Financing Questions
  240. Bridge aquisition LBO loan
  241. Maximum LTV - Restaurant financing
  242. Coming up with the down payment proving difficult
  243. What is the difference between profit and proceeds?
  244. Using LinkedIn and AngelList for investors?
  245. Paypal - do you need money in your PayPal account to pay someone ?
  246. analyze my finances please!
  247. What is Bootstrapping
  248. New car/ Used car services question
  249. Oh FUN! Financing! Bad credit score, co signers, 60,000 loan.
  250. How would you come up with an approximate valuation for this business?