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Thread: Questions regarding first establishing your EIN?

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    I have a sole proprietorship and still applied for an ein. I did this so when I apply for things under my business I do not have to put my social security number on the paperwork, I put the ein number. A perfect example is when I had to apply for a tax exempt card at Walmart. For some reason Walmart charges tax on fabric in my state , even when the sales tax law in my state exempts tax on fabric. The only way for me to not get taxed on fabric is to have this card they give you to show to the register personnel. When I filled out the paperwork for it they wanted either a SS# or ein. I would not feel good about putting my SS# on any paperwork and giving it to someone when I did not know where that paper would end up. So even if I started the business as sole proprietor I would still get an ein number for situations like this.
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