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Thread: All in one SEO titles

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    Default All in one SEO titles

    Do most people use the title of their post as the title for all in one SEO? I was wondering if you could use a catchy title as the post title but use a more generic title that is more descriptive of the content for the AIOSEO title?

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    Most people likely keep them the same since it's the default. You're better off having a different page title and post heading. Ideally both would contain your main keyword phrase(s), but be variations on each other.

    One of the reasons the all in one SEO plugin exists is to allow you write both differently.

    One idea that's regularly mentioned is to first write your page title to be catchy so your readers will click on the title in their feed and read your content as well as creating a title that may perform better on social media sites. Then after a time rewrite the title to be more SEO focused for search engines.

    But t answer your original question it is a good idea to use variations of the same basic title for the page title and the post heading.
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