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Thread: Referrals from friends

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    Default Referrals from friends

    I'm sure we all appreciate referrals.
    However, I cringe when some of my friends tell me they've referred me to someone because although they think they are helping, inevitably they aren't "trained" to sell your product or service the way you've learned to do.

    They can over promise, under promise, give people the impression that you'll "take care of them", and so many other ways that they can screw you before you even talk to the person.

    Recently one my friends refereed me to someone and used the phrase "He's not the cheapest, but he's the best". I'm sure that sounded like a glowing recommendation to him, but it made me cringe when I heard it. Like he just shot me in the foot that now has the person carrying the stigma that whatever the price is, that it's expensive and others out there are cheaper. The price would have just been the price.

    Not to mention, this friend has no idea where my prices lay in the why add that unsolicited information? 2nd rule of sales is stop talking.

    I'd much rather them just refer people to my website or just give them my phone number. Stop trying to sell me. I don't need you to do that.
    Of course that now makes you appear ungrateful and they get offended as happens when people give you unsolicited help and expect appreciation for it.

    How do you guys handle it?
    Do you tell your family and friends to stop trying to sell you, or do you just grin and bear it?

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    I know the feeling. Mostly I grin and bear it. I know the person is genuinely trying to help me. That doesn't mean you can't help the understand what to say the next time they find themselves in a similar situation. Why not thank your friend, but explain why "not the cheapest, but the best" isn't the right way to sell you. Let the person know it's best to just give out your work email or point potential customers to your site.

    Thank them and help them recommend you in a way that's better for you. Not everyone will catch on, but some people will. For those that don't, just grin it and bear it.
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    What I usually say to others when referring is "This is the guy I use. He knows his stuff, he's honest, and he'll look after you." I'll only mention pricing if I get asked.
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