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Thread: I'm Finally 18!

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    Smart thinking starting out in Community College. Work part time for a handy man. Do not forget to learn a foreign language and to play a musical instrument.

    Here's your app idea. An App that you set to recognize everyone in your contacts. So when they call you the phone rings normal, but when you are receiving a call not in your contacts (usually a spam call) your phone rings different. My wife thought it up cause she hates fumbling through her purse for a Spam call.

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    Great feedback! The advice to start with community college and then attend a respected university is exactly what my son is doing now. He got his Associates at a community college (no sense in paying top dollar for core classes like math). He's about a year or so out from getting a Bachelor's from a well respected university. Tuition is not cheap but not "expensive" either.

    Although finishing with the degree is in my son's plan, I was like Paul and didn't do college after high school. My reason was different though. I researched what graphic designers (back then called commercial artists) earn and I was appalled. I wasn't about to spend four years and thousands of dollars to earn less than a lot of factory workers! I did end up going to college in 2001 which was a 22 year split after high school. In my case I took classes for 5 years and didn't graduate because I was already running my current business since 2002 and my boss (me) said I got what I needed out of it.

    I don't recommend dropping out but it is worth considering how that plays into your business ambition and situation as you proceed through school. Harold mentioned Gates and Jobs who both dropped out. Success stories vary.
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