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Thread: What Helps You Rank Higher In Google?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    So if I pay $10 a month for Attracta SEO, how much do you think that would help my rankings if you google something that doesn't include my site name like when you search 'jobs' pops up?
    Well, $10 is a big joke for SEO work. I don't think it will go places. Most of the time SEO services are not cheap and oftentimes they charge high which is why not everyone can afford them.

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    No! The work to get your website to the top of the ranks is way harder than what can be done for 10 dollars a month. When I first started in this awesome forum I owned a separate website from the one I own now. It was (I can give the link freely...its not spam as it doesn't exist anymore.) I hired an SEO company for a monthly fee (it was like 85 a month) and they got me google smacked.

    It was around the time penguin first came out. That site never recovered. It went from position 14, to non existent... and it was a lesson learned Luckily I had ruffled the feathers of an existing franchise directory who knew what I was up too, had the url, was checking daily and seeing the companies I was getting signed under on my then freebee listing to build clientele, and I placed a call and was able to sell the company to them (for those who are gonna ask how I convinced them to buy my company I disrupted their norm with free ads, and then during my call advised I was trying to see if we had any "synergies" in common... Its a BS word, purposefully so, as I was trying to tactfully let them know I was looking for help, and I was just vulnerable enough for them to start thinking of absorbing me Anyways I sold the now google smacked company for mere chump change compared to the work I had put in on closing those franchise ad's. It was in no way a win. Somewhere on this forum is the original post I put up when it happened.

    I was livid and had learned a hard lesson. I received some outstanding advise from some one in the forum. They said, it would be better to build articles your self just one a week, and build up your content.. I listened. I took the money from the sale of allyoucanfranchise, and put everything I had in terms of time online spreading the word legitimately and all the money I had in to and it became a success. witnessed here by all of the regulars in this forum. I gotta say, now.. some years later, I think that is the best advise. I want to echo what Harold said. It is indeed a Marathon of every thing he mentioned. There is NO WAY to sprint through it. You need to get to work on social media, blogs, articles, video content, and most need to be an awesome resource/source for the information you are putting out there. If you are not, google and the rest of the search engines will see through it and you will never ever gain ranking. The 10 dollar a month offer is literally prima facia BS. Its not possible I promise.
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