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Thread: Law about declaration of composition?

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    Default Law about declaration of composition?

    I am not an english speaking person.
    Please copy and paste that can not be understood, or propose me better maners to say it.

    Hi all !

    Are preparations that are sold and delivered to customers' homes subject to a declaration of composition?

    Let's take fictional examples:

    1 / I make a paint. It is understood that this paint is made only with authorized products and therefore it is not more dangerous than all the other paintings of the trade.

    a- I sell it in pots in the shops. It is obvious that the package must indicate the composition. Perhaps the admistration must receive the composition in advance. This is not the question. I only talk about it to get to the following case:

    b- I apply it myself this paint on the walls at my client's. Is this client entitled to ask me his composition? Should one declare previously his composition to the administration?

    2 / I make a fruit juice. It is understood that obviously there is nothing harmful in it.

    a- I put it in bottles. This drink is sold in retail stores. It is obvious that the package must indicate the composition.

    b- I sell it in glasses and with a straw in the street in a truck bar, or I deliver it in glasses and with a straw to people's homes. Is this client entitled to ask me its composition? (eg: sugar level, amount of preservative and nature of the dye). Should the composition be declared to the administration?

    You will understand that the interest of this question is to know if one can keep the secret of the composition as to avoid to be copied.
    In my opinion, it is not necessary to give the composition when selling directly to a customer, from person to person. However, I would like to find legislation that speaks about it.
    Does anyone here master this subject?
    It is very likely that the law that determines the labeling rules defines what should be labeled and what must be mentioned on the labels. Therefore, In contrast to these obligations, I will be able to demonstrate to someone that there is no obligation in the opposite case.
    I ask this question so that I can respond immediately to a client, or to a police officer or public servant who is alleged to be abusing his authority.

    Thanks for your next answers!
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