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Thread: Finding potential employees?

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    Default Finding potential employees?

    The thread about background checks made me think about another topic that I will post here. I know we have a lot of one man businesses but for those with employees when you need to hire how do you find potential employees.

    I will talk a bit about what I have tried in the past.

    Way back before the internet was what it became we used our local newspaper with good results. I have still used it on occasion but the results have been so-so and it is not cheap.

    Mostly for a laborer type job I have been using CraigsList. I can't say I get as many applicants as I would like but our labor market is tight and we pay peanuts (more about that later) Generally I have found someone on Craigslist but if there is a better choice I would like to know it.

    I have had a few occasions where I have hired someone I knew. I bowl on a Monday night league and have actually hired two people from that league. If you can hire someone you know this can be a good way but it isn't something that is easy to do.

    I had one time when I was hiring a plant manager that I used Monster dot com which I hear little about these days and don't even know if it exists any more. I did get 85 highly qualified applicants from that source but it was a higher paying job. I actually hired two from that listing but fired the first one after 3 days. He was a former manager of a steel mill that used to be next to my business and was more yell at everyone constantly and threaten to fire them and make sure they towed the line which is not a management style that suits my business or my philosophy of how to run a business.

    I hear a lot of radio ads for some hiring groups such as Indeed dot com and zip recruiter. I have never used these and wonder if anyone here has ever tried them? Another option could be LinkedIn but I don't see that as being effective for laborer type jobs but more for sales or management type jobs.

    One of the things that hurts us in jobs postings is that our pay is low but we have a lot of incentives that add to it. Typically we start an assembly person at $ 11.00 and a welder or painter at $ 12.00 but have a production bonus that adds a couple of bucks an hour and we have profit sharing at the end of the year which last year averaged about 4K per employee. They seem to like getting one big check that lets them do something big and we like that it is tied into our profits and if the economy ever goes south or our business falls off it will cut our costs. The drawback is when advertising they really only pay attention to the hourly rate which makes our listing less appealing. We do also provide health, dental and vision coverage and pay 75% of that cost.

    One last thing I will add before I post this is the reason we went with a production bonus. Way back when we started we just had an hourly wage and our productivity was terrible. As an example I tracked the time to build one machine at 125 hours. We now built that machine in 10 hours. The guys were trying to stretch out the work so they would not run out of work. At first I came with the idea that each machine out the door would add $ 35.00 to each workers pay and things started to fly out the door. Our system now is a bit different but when I go back to the production area everyone is always working and everyone tries to get as much production as possible. The production bonus has been highly effective.
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    I'm in the middle of starting an internet company. I started a new job far away from my home as well, so I'm forced to get an apartment or make a 4-hour drive every day. I specifically posted saying I want a roommate that is fluent in Javascript and Node.js who would also be open to helping me develop the application. After interviewing about twenty different people, I found a guy who works at Hubspot who loves the idea and wants to help me.

    I've tried to use Indeed which is the new and it works much better in my opinion.

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    We used a local staffing agency for a bookkeeper, and I was attempting to use a local labor agency to find someone to do my assembly, logistics, inventory management etc. My accountant showed me that the labor hire would only be working about 20 of the 40 hours I would be paying them and asked me to consider alternatives. I'm older, and I guess there is value in me not hurting myself in the warehouse. I was hoping for a Latin so I could work on my Spanish when work was slow. No one wants to work part time. Minimum wage here is $7.25 I was offering $12 ($15 with labor agency fee) no benefits. We give bonus and are easy when someone needs time off or to run an errand.

    Property across the street from the fabrication shop that has done work for us (for about 25 years) is available. I hope I can get it. This way I will not have to drive 30min there and back to delivery work to them, and maybe it will create an alternative for me with regards to hiring someone.

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